Whether on your laptop, phone, or other device, having to filter through multiple copies of the same photos can really become a hassle. Keeping identical or similar-looking photographs can eat up a sizable chunk of storage space and slow down the performance of your devices. Upgrading your solid-state drive (SSD) and phone storage can be costly, so taking the cost-friendly route requires manually searching for and deleting these duplicate photos. Luckily, you can find several free and paid duplicate photo finders and cleaners to simplify this task.

The best duplicate photo finders, equipped with a quick scanning-and-sorting feature, will help get rid of all your junk and duplicate photos while also reducing crashes. To help start you on your search, we’ve compiled a short list of some of the most popular options for finding and cleaning duplicate photos.

Our Top Picks for Duplicate Photo Finders and Cleaners

  1. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro
  2. Tonfotos
  3. CCleaner
  4. Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder
  5. VisiPics
  6. PictureEcho

duplicate photo finder

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

One of the most popular (and costly) options on this list is the Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro. Available for users working on Windows 7 to 10, Mac, and iOS and Android, this program contains several great features that quickly and accurately find duplicates.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro takes a simple and straightforward approach to cleaning your system and recovering wasted storage space. The Drag and Drop system and matching Criteria and Scan features help in easily decluttering the duplicates within folders and apps located on internal and external storage devices connected to your desktop.

It also has a Selection Assistant to customize your search for duplicates. With its smart algorithm, exact matches based on the same file name and other attributes can be easily done to sort out the duplicates.


  • Adjustable match settings
  • Auto-Mark option removes exact & similar copies
  • Preview option


  • Free trial is limited to 15 duplicates only
  • Time-based scan only extends to 24 hours
  • Expensive


Tonfotos is an efficient photo management application with a robust duplicate-finding feature. It excels in identifying true duplicates by analyzing file content, not just names and dates, ensuring reliable search results without the need for manual verification. However, it doesn’t recognize modified or edited files as duplicates.

  • Rapid Duplicate Detection: Tonfotos swiftly locates duplicates within the uploaded directory, streamlining photo organization.
  • Simplified Deletion Process: Duplicates can be easily deleted with a single click, especially useful when identical photos exist across different storage platforms like disks and cloud services.\
  • Comprehensive Initial Indexing: The application initially takes time to index the archive, performing multiple tasks like duplicate search and face recognition. This initial delay leads to faster operations afterward.
  • Free and Unrestricted: The duplicate finding and removal functionality is available in the free version of Tonfotos, with no time limitations.

In summary, Tonfotos is a powerful tool for photo archive management, particularly effective in finding and removing duplicate images. Its initial setup may take some time, but it promises quick and reliable performance in the long run, all within its free version.

cc cleaner


The CCleaner duplicate photo management system is another effective duplicate photo finder tool for locating and removing unwanted duplicate photos and other file types.

Although mastering its comprehensive software may take time, this robust system works equally well for business or personal use. One of the most interesting features in the Duplicate Finder, the scanner, can quickly scan your entire PC to look for and remove identical landscapes, portraits, selfies, and other similar images.

Aside from removing duplicates, CCleaner can also works well for removing unwanted junk and locating outdated versions of software to improve your desktop’s performance while protecting your gadget from security breaches and privacy leaks.


  • Available for home and business use
  • Easy to navigate for new users
  • Regular software updates


  • Often downloads unwanted add-on features without user’s consent
  • Needs premium version to access advanced features
  • Not yet available in iOS

Duplicate Photo Finder

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

Another excellent duplicate photo finder and cleaner that users love is the Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder.

Its well-designed interface makes it easy to locate duplicate files in various directories on your computer. Whether your photos are in JPG, BMP, GIFF, PNG, or TIFF file types, Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder will locate these files with a decent level of accuracy.

It is also one of the best applications for the price, especially considering that it is available for free for Windows users.


  • Easy-to- navigate interface
  • Displays comparisons and percentage of similarity between original and duplicate files
  • Lightweight application


  • Simple and minimal features (such as no multiple file selection)
  • Available to windows only
  • Does not contain automatic deleting feature

photo cleaner


VisiPics is an efficient duplicate photo finder and cleaner that you’ll want to check out.  This software is perfect for professional photographers and videographers, as well as photo enthusiasts and other regular users.

VisiPics includes various tools such as the filters described below to help you manage photo albums and folders. It has a clean interface to easily manage similar-looking pictures of various file names, types, or orientations, while still retaining accurate results.

VisiPics is also praised for its various filter modes, which are Strict (almost identical results), Basic (Slightly different photos), and Loose (pictures with more differences).


  • Easy to manage interface
  • Customized visual similarity levels
  • Start/stop/pause feature is available anytime


  • Does not have regular software updates
  • Reliant on CPU performance
  • Takes a longer time to scan compared to other software

picture echo


PictureEcho has earned its place among the best duplicate photo finder software equipped with a comprehensive set of options for locating, storing and deleting duplicate images.

Regardless of the image size, resolution, background effect, or even filter, this software gets the job done using its powerful photo deduplication tools.

This application stands out for its special Adobe Lightroom duplicate scan, which you can use to locate and remove exact or similar photos. It is also loved for being able to support searching for images within 30 seconds, 1 minute, and 60 minutes.


  • Adobe Lightroom support
  • Saves scan results
  • Time-based scans


  • Supports Windows only
  • Confusing user interface
  • Consumes high CPU and memory usage

We hope our selection of duplicate photo finders and cleaners help you keep your files organized and ready to access.