Before and After Images

Original RAW File
Lightroom 4 Edited File


I want to start this article off by saying, not all the images that we capture are going to be masterpieces. This could be due to several different reasons.

Often times when I am out and about with friends, I don’t necessarily want to do the “photographer thing” and hold everyone up while I try to get the perfect shot. Often times I may not care about a shot enough to spend the time to capture it perfectly, I may just want it for keepsake.

Regardless of the reason, it is important to show that post production and editing is as much a part of the artistic process as shooting. We don’t necessarily need a perfect shot to make something visually compelling.

Now, don’t interpret this as me giving the OK to “just fix it all in post.” When shooting, it is always best to get it right in camera. But, knowing what can be done in post (especially with raw files) is just as important as knowing what can be done in camera.

So in this video, we are going to take this average “walk-up-style” shot and creatively edit it to add visual interest. This shot was captured several years ago by Chris during a hike with his boys out in Peru.

We will be using the Lightroom 4 Preset System along with techniques that we learned in the Lightroom 4 A to Z DVD to process the image. Don’t worry, as usual we will walk through every step so everyone can benefit. Let’s get started!

Watch this Lightroom 4 Video Tutorial

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