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Create Your Blog Collages Directly In Lightroom, No Need For Other Apps

By Anthony Thurston on November 16th 2013

I have seen several posts recently around the web talking about how people use third party apps like Blog Stomp to create the images that they feature on their blogs and social media networks. To me this seems like an extra step that I don’t want to deal with and so I just do it from Lightroom (something that apparently not a lot of you knew that you could do).

I think that the reason many of you do not know about the ability to do this from Lightroom is because it is not built into the standard export feature that you normally use to export your images. In order to export these blog ready duos and collages you need to click on the Print module, a place I am sure many of you hardly – if ever- open.


If you would like to learn how to set up these layouts yourself keep on reading. If you would like to just short cut it I have put together a template which you can download here and use yourself.

(To Install it simply right click in the Print module where the other templates are listed and select the import option.)

Create a Simple Blog “Duo” Layout in Lightroom

Creating a simple “Duo” layout is really quite easy and you can take what you learn here to create your own templates for different layouts. Basically how you get this all to work is by tricking Lightroom into thinking that you are setting up a layout to be printed, but instead of printing you export to jpg which you can then upload to the web.

Step 1: Open Lightroom and navigate to the “Print” module


Step 2: If it is not activated by Default Select “Custom Package” as the Layout Style


Step 3: If checked, un-check the Rotate to Fit, Photo Border and Inner Stroke Options


Step 4: Set the Ruler units to “Inches” and the Grid Snap to “Off”


Step 5: Select Print to “JPEG File” and enter a resolution of “100 ppi”


Step 6: Enter the size you want your template to be, in my case I wanted the final image to be 624px by 463px, so I entered 6.24 x 4.63. Basically mentally remove the period between the numbers and you have your px size. So for example if I wanted something sized for Facebook I would create it at 9.20in wide (or 920px).


Step 7: Add your Image Sections to the Template. In this case since we are creating a Duo we need two portrait sized slots.


Step 8: Adjust the Cell size to 4.63 x 3.09 (if you are wanting to go with the 624px wide design that I am talking about).


Step 9: Move the new Cell to the left half of your layout.


Step 10: Repeat Steps 7, 8 and 9 (except with 9 move the cell to the right half of your layout)


Step 11: (Optional) I like to stick my logo in the bottom right side of the images I upload online. To do this Check the “Identity Plate” option and then place the logo on the images wherever you prefer it to be located.


Step 12: Save your Template


Using Your New Template

Using your new template is as simple as can be, all you need to do is select the images that you want to be used in the duo and drag them into the cell you wish for them to occupy.


Once you have the images placed as you would like them to be placed then all you need to do is export the image. To do this simple click on the “Print To File” button in the bottom right.


It is as simple as that. The image will be exported to whatever location that you select after clicking “Print to File”. Once you are done with the blog images you want to post simply navigate to that location and upload them to your blog or social media.

It takes a little time, not much really, to set up these templates however you want them but once you save your templates you never have to make them again. The process is so much faster than exporting the images and then importing them into some third party application. Save your time and do it in lightroom.

[Use the SLR Lounge Lightroom Presets to Quickly Edit Your Images]

An added benefit is that since you are exporting these layouts directly from lightroom they will be higher quality than the ones from a third party app which has to re-compress your already exported Jpgs. The images from lightroom are only being compressed the once and so they will likely look better once they have been uploaded online.

I hope that this helps you save a little time when doing your blogging and social marketing. If you have any questions please feel free to email me or leave a comment below and I will try and help you out. Have a great weekend!

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Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community. Find him over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.

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  1. James Broadbent

    Check out Narrative for a super simple solution

    | |
  2. Mushtaque Ali

    Thanks very much! Great blogs alternative, and something i was scouring the net for just yesterday! thank you

    | |
  3. Erika Pieu

    Great post. Thanks for sharing
    Best Regards

    Image editing Company

    | |
  4. G K

    Thank you for the good article! At the moment I am working with BlogStomp but I would prefer to export my blog pictures from LR. Unfortunatly I am not satisfied with the quality and the size of the exported pictures from print module.
    I compared it for a 1200x800px export with several LR-settings with the export of BlogStomp.
    1.) The BlogStomp pictures are sharp, the LR pictures not
    2.) The LR pictures are app. 30% bigger in filesize

    Do you have any tipps?

    | |
  5. Christina

    Anthony, I would love to use this feature and I have tried…but it isn’t near the quality of my single images that I export for my blog. Is there a way to get these exports up to the same quality as my singles? when I place them in the blog post the dual images look much lower in quality. Any suggestions?

    | |
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  7. Brady

    Thank you!! Was just about to buy Blog Stomp…. Now, how do you do grids of 6-10 shots each, w/ different aspect ratios?

    | |
  8. Ren

    never knew you could do that. Always did it with PS. One quick question, what was the font used? :)

    | |
  9. KEIF

    Great post. I created the template in LR, but do you have to save the jpg every time you add the two images? What if you want to create a blog post that has 10 “duo” layouts? Is there an easy way to simply replicate your template, but for more images?

    | |
  10. Trevor

    I like this a lot! Just one questions. Is there a way to position the image within the cell? I have to landscape images I’m putting into some portrait shaped cells so I want to adjust the positioning within the cell. Can’t figure it out. Thanks!

    | |
    • Chelsea

      You have to adjust the crop/position to the same specs as your cell in the develop module then when you move over to the print module it will fit correctly.

      | |
    • Jill

      On a mac, press rhr CTRL key and then grab the photo within the frame and move it into the pisition you want.

      | |
  11. michael cook

    I was looking for templates the other day. I moved my website to a WordPress blog, so I wanted a better way to add several images to a blog post.

    | |
  12. wirian

    Its awesome, this is what i need. Currently i am using photoshop to do this… thanks a lot for sharing…

    | |
  13. Anna

    Awesome!!!! Thanks.

    | |
  14. Max Holtzhouser

    THANKS! I’m always looking for cheap, great ways to improve my blogging.

    | |
    • Anthony Thurston

      Glad to help! I was surprised to realize that many people did not know how to do this. It’s easy, quick, and can be modified to fit whatever your needs are. I had to share it.

      | |
  15. Dan

    Thanks very much! Great blogstomp alternative, and something i was scouring the net for just yesterday!


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  16. Tucker

    I’ve done this in Lightroom for sometime now but I must admit when I heard about Blog Collage I tried the 30 day trial and fell in love with it and even got it for 20% less their normal selling price. But nonetheless if you alright own lightroom and don’t want to or cannot afford another application then this article provides some really great info.

    Again I am a fan of Blog Collage though :)

    | |