On Think Stupid Simple, we had with us Kahran and Regis Bethencourt of Creative Soul Photography. Kahran and Regis are a photography duo and the authors of the highly acclaimed book, Glory, as well as their AfroArt series. Kahran and Regis have dedicated their work to celebrating the beauty and power of African culture and have become globally recognized for their stunning images of children embracing cultural outfits and hairstyles. Their work has been featured by top media outlets and have led to opportunities working with some of the largest brands such as Disney and Amazon.

In the podcast, we’ll be going in depth about Glory and how they came to develop the ideas that would lead to their prospering careers. We’ll also be discussing the importance of cultural and ethnic pride, their experiences skyrocketing into the spotlight, and much more.

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Excerpts from the Episode

If you’re short on time, here is an excerpt from the episode where we talk about the value of photography and how to create work that has meaning.

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