Canon released more information on the much anticipated Canon EOS R5 today. Highlighting the release was news that the EOS R5 will indeed be able to record video in 8K Raw, a feat many called impossible. It will also feature dual card slots (1x CFexpress and 1x SD UHS-II), 5 stops IBIS, and no crop for 8k and 4k video. Simply stated, this camera looks like it’s going to be incredible.

Here’s everything Canon announced today about the R5:

  • 8K RAW internal video recording up to 29.97 fps
  • 8K internal video recording up to 29.97 fps in 4:2:2 10-bit Canon Log (H.265)/4:2:2 10-bit HDR PQ (H.265).
  • 4K internal video recording up to 119.88 fps in 4:2:2 10-bit Canon Log (H.265)/4:2:2 10-bit HDR PQ (H.265). 4K external recording is also available up to 59.94 fps.
  • No crop 8K and 4K video capture using the full-width of the sensor.*
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF available in all 8K and 4K recording modes.
  • Canon Log available in 8K and 4K internal recording modes.
  • A Canon first, the EOS R5 will feature 5-axis In-Body Image Stabilization, which works in conjunction with Optical IS equipped with many of the RF and EF lenses.
  • Dual-card slots: 1x CFexpress and 1x SD UHS-II.

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My Thoughts on the EOS R5

The Canon EOS R5 is going to be the camera of the year—there I said it. With 8K video recording, 5 stops in-body image stabilization (IBIS) combined with in-lens stabilization, dual card slots, Canon’s new RF lenses, improved sensor and autofocus, this thing is going to be unreal. If the can keep this camera in the $3500 range and improve the dynamic range, this will be the camera to beat in 2020. The question that remains is, when will this beast be released and will anyone be able to afford it? As someone who didn’t jump ship for the Sony’s or Nikon’s even when it was tempting, I’m really excited about this camera.

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