A Testimonial for Canon Professional Services

We have been Platinum members of Canon Professional Services (CPS) for over 5 years. Canon recently commissioned us to create a series of images geared towards how CPS has changed the way we shoot.

We have been so happy with CPS, that we wanted to also create a testimonial/review video for you all to help everyone better understand what CPS does for professional photographers. I want to note that we were not commissioned to create this video, and everything that we state is based upon our experience with their service.

We would never recommend or put our name behind a product or service that we don’t stand behind ourselves. CPS is a service we can whole heartedly recommend to professionals around the world.

Professional Services for Professional Photographers

At Lin and Jirsa, we shoot nearly 350 weddings a year, hundreds of portrait sessions, family shoots, maternity, newborn, and commercial shoots. In total, we photograph nearly 1000 client commissions a year, and of that number, I shoot about 80-100 of them.

80lbs of kettlebell swinging towards my camera and face. Does CPS cover broken faces?

Each year, I put over 250,000 shutter clicks on my Canon EOS 5D Mark III alone! And believe me, many of those clicks are while doing things that are quite hazardous to the gear. I regularly shoot at the beach where we are constantly contending with sand and salt water and in the desert where we are battling wind-blown sand and dust. I’m on the ground shooting in the dirt, quickly switching on and off different lenses hundreds of times throughout a day. Because of how I shoot, I needed an affordable and professional service that could keep up with me. Luckily, I have Canon Professional Services (CPS).

Canon Professional Services Testimonial

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When Life Gives You Lemons, CPS Will Turn It Into Lemonade For You (Kinda)

Just this past year, I can think of nearly 10 instances where something happened during a shoot that required me to use my CPS membership. Having the membership gave me the added assurance that I could do my job without worry. I dropped my Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 L II Lens and Canon 5D Mark III onto concrete while quickly swapping lenses at a wedding, and my 5D Mark III and Canon 70-200mm got hit by a rogue wave during an engagement shoot. Why do I keep putting myself in camera dangerous situations? Because many times that’s what the shot requires.

Yes, that is me hanging out of a boat with a camera that has no strap

Being a Platinum member of CPS allows us to treat our gear as a tool, rather than a prized possession that can’t get in harm’s way. I know that if my gear gets splashed with salt water, gets sand/dust into the focus rings, gets dropped, or just stops working altogether, CPS will fix it quickly and at a significant discount. In the meanwhile, they provide us equivalent or better loaner gear to keep us going.

We haven’t really needed it, but there is also 24/7 technical support and a US-based call center just in case. On top of that, CPS offers 10-day evaluation loans for you to try out new gear before you buy.

Billions of grains of sand, and only a few needed to wreck my camera and lens

This incredibly valuable service is one of the reasons we are so loyal to Canon as professional photographers because they keep us up and running no matter what. No other camera/lens manufacturer has such a comprehensive and fine-tuned service like CPS, and the closest competitors are still a far cry from the level of service CPS provides.

Unfortunately, a lot of Canon based photographers don’t even know about this amazing service. So hopefully, this gives you a little encouragement to hop online and learn more about becoming a CPS member.

To learn more visit: https://www.cps.usa.canon.com/