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Boudoir Photography: 3 Quick Tips on Building Trust With Your Clients

By Kim Le on March 30th 2014

Boudoir photography is not just about taking beautiful images, but it is also knowing how to make your clients feel beautiful.  Remember that clients are real women with real insecurities and little or no experience in being sexy and exposed in front of the camera.  With such an intimate process, building trust between you and your clients is key to helping them connect with you, and the camera.

At our boudoir studio,  Je T’aime Beauty, we make it our priority to guide each girl every step of the way – from what to wear, to how the makeup will look, to where to stand and, how to stand. It’s important for our clients to see us as the experts when they enter our studio. Here are 3 quick tips on how to build trust with your clients:

1. What to Wear

It’s important to communicate with clients prior to their shoot regarding their style to make them feel comfortable with the process.  We help them figure out what to wear depending on the concept of the shoot and their body type.  We believe styling the shoot contributes to the overall feel and imagery of the photos.
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2. Hair & Makeup

Hair & makeup is just as important as the styling and wardrobe.  We want to give our clients an entirely custom experience.  Feeling pampered and glamorous makes our clients feel more confident and more comfortable being photographed.  We have an in-house professional hair & makeup artist who understands our work, the style, and concept of our shoots.  For boudoir photography, we suggest a glam look with wavy, voluminous hair and smoky, sultry makeup to make the client look both sexy and alluring.

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3. Posing

Posing is the most important element of our photographs.  A woman can be perfectly styled, have flawless makeup, but if her body and eyes are not in sync with the viewer, it can be a distraction.  We strive to understand each woman’s body type and size so we may pose her accordingly.  Our aim is to create the most flattering shapes for our clients so anyone viewing can feel an intimate connection with the photographs.  By posing our clients properly, it also minimizes the need for extra post editing work.



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To learn more tips and techniques, join us for our JE T’AIME BEAUTY BOUDOIR WORKSHOP on MAY 4, 2014.  We will go more in depth with POSING, SHOOTING and STYLING for boudoir. We’ll also have our professional hair and makeup artist on site to answer any questions about hair and makeup styling questions.  Our goal is to help you become a more confident boudoir photographer and teach you techniques to help your clients feel beautiful, confident, and sexy!

There will also be a live hands-on shoot where you can watch us pose and direct. Each attendee will also have an opportunity to apply the techniques they have learned throughout the day with our model.  Spaces are limited for an intimate learning experience. Please contact for more information and to register.

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Kim Le is a Southern California based wedding, boudoir and glamour portrait photographer. She is the creative owner behind Kim Le Photography for weddings and Je T’aime Beauty for editorial glamour and boudoir photography . When she is not shooting, she is keeping up to date on fashion trends her personal style blog Lace and Locks, eating and taking photos of her food, and enjoying being a newlywed.

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