In today’s tutorial, I’ll be walking through how to use add “flash” to your natural light portraits using the AI masking tool in Lightroom.

Video: Adding “Flash” Using the AI Masking Tool in Lightroom

With the AI masking tool in Lightroom, we can select out our subjects with a click of a button. With a few tweaks to the color and light, we can enhance our natural light portrait of Kiara by adding the “flash” effect.

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Initial Adjustments

uploadsLet’s start with our global adjustments to the tones and color. I wanted to go for a cool look this time around.

Selecting Out Our Subject


To apply our “flash” effect, all we need to do is click “Select Subject” in our masking tools and Lightroom does all the heavy lifting.

masking tool in lightroom flash efectAfter creating the mask, we can then apply our settings to raise the exposure on Kiara. This creates that “flash” look that separates our subject from the background.

Refining the Image

To enhance the effect, we can add a subtle radial burn and darken the edges of the image. This will help pull the attention to Kiara and emphasize the “flash” effect.

masking tool in lightroom final comparison

Lastly, make your final adjustments and see the final results! Here’s a before and after comparison.


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