Tripod maker, Benro, has unveiled its latest product on Kickstarter called Theta, an intelligent, modular travel tripod that can level itself. This tripod is equipped with smart features that simplify photographers’ lives, and its modular design allows for more customization and flexibility than what is typically found in tripod technology.  In this article, we’ll explore the features of the Benro Theta and Theta Max, both available on Kickstarter.

The Benro Theta Intro Video

Primary Specs of the Benro Theta at a Glance

At a glance, here are the specs of the Benro Theta:


  • Weight: 1.25kg/2.7lb
  • Max Height: 155cm/61in
  • Packed Length: 44cm/17.4in
  • Kickstarter Pricing: $349 USD (See Details)

Theta Max

  • Weight: 1.65kg/3.6lb
  • Max Height: 170cm/67in
  • Packed Length: 53cm/20.8in
  • Kickstarter Pricing: $399 USD (See Details)

benro theta specs

The Primary Feature – Self Leveling

The most notable, revolutionary feature of the Benro Theta is its auto-leveling capabilities, powered by its own rechargeable battery. With a push of a button,  this technology can automatically extend and retract the three legs to adjust and level the camera in a few seconds.  Photographers can also use the Theta’s dedicated mobile app to make minor adjustments to the level.

Tripod Stability

The Theta travel tripod offers an innovative solution to address the three main priorities for photographers – size, weight, and sturdiness.  Two design factors, the Trigonous Central Shaft and Rounded/Thicker Legs, add stability and sturdiness to the tripod without making the tripod bulky or heavy.

Trigonous Central Shaft

theta brenro trigonous shaft

The Theta travel tripod features a trigonous design for its center column, characterized by dividing the round tube contour into three equal concave parts, creating three inner arcs. To further enhance its sturdiness, the center column is made of 6061-T6 aluminum. This material choice, coupled with the trigonous design, ensures that photographers can rely on the Theta for stable support of their cameras.

Rounded and Thicker Legs

Thanks to its thicker rounded legs and high-quality carbon fiber construction, the Theta travel tripod can provide reliable support for full-frame DSLR cameras, even in open and windy environments.

rounded thicker legs

Other Notable Features

The Theta and Theta Max go a step beyond the already impressive features mentioned above with additional features that address many of photographers’ needs in a tripod.

Anti-Slip Legs with Auto Locking

Benro has developed an anti-slip mechanism for Theta’s legs. In the event of a leg slipping or being left unlocked, Theta’s inbuilt safety feature automatically locks the leg, preventing it from skidding further.

Easy Cleaning

theta cleaning

Theta’s legs are “sand proof and easy to clean,” according to the company. The tripod’s retractable legs feature a scraping mechanism that prevents sand from slipping into the gap of the leg tube, making it easier to keep the tripod clean. Additionally, the collars on each leg are designed to keep dust and sand out, and they can be disassembled without tools for convenient cleaning.

Easy Mounting

easy mounting

To make camera installation quicker and more secure, they have designed an automatic snap-lock mechanism into Theta’s ball head.  Once the quick release plate is installed on the camera, press it onto the ball head, and the plate will snap-lock into place automatically.

Theta’s Modules

Another unique feature that Benro offers is swappable smart modules that expand the tripod’s functionality.   These modules offer intelligent features and can be left on the Theta or removed when not in use.  Let’s review each below.

Battery Module – The Theta travel tripod features a separate battery module design that enables it to retain its standard tripod characteristics while still accommodating built-in motors and gyroscopes.

Camera Control Module – With Theta’s Camera Control Module, photographers can control their camera from a distance of up to 150 feet. This feature enables users to adjust essential camera settings such as shutter speed, aperture, and ISO, and access a live preview from their smartphone.

Optical Matrix Sensor Module – For time-lapse photography, the optical matrix sensor module is a valuable tool that provides assistance in detecting ambient light in real-time. This module enables smooth transitions from daylight to night (or vice versa) while maintaining consistent exposure levels.

Go Live Module – The Go Live Module allows you to stream live from your DSLR or Mirrorless Camera.

GoLive Module02More Info – How to Buy:

The Benro Theta tripods are available exclusively on Kickstarter, where they are discounted up to 52% off of their future retail pricing.  As with many Kickstarters, this is likely the lowest price they’ll ever be available for purchase. For more information on their options, features, materials, shipping estimates and more, see their Kickstarter Page.