A photographer’s job doesn’t stop at the snap of the shutter button. An image represents a photographer’s skill, technical ability, and vision. The final, and arguably the most altering part of the photo process is post-production. While some debate whether or not post-production takes away from a photo or adds value to it, editing as a whole is an artistic process. This is a large reason why we created our Visual Flow Preset System, to help photographers efficiently edit while maintaining artistic integrity.

There are a lot of reasons why photographers take the time to edit their photographs. It can range from basic enhancement, fixing imperfections, or creative manipulations.  Members of our Facebook community submitted the images below to illustrate the massive impact editing can make on your photographs.

We want you to bask in the greatness of these photographs. The images are posted with a before and after sequence for you to see the difference.  Then, feel mystified by the creative applications of post-processing or editing.

Lubomir Jiponov – Website | Instagram

Lubimir Jiponov Before

Lubimir Jiponov After 1

Mauricio Ureña – Website | Instagram

Mauricio Garbanso Before 1

Mauricio Garbanso After 1



Darien Chui – Website | Instagram

Darien Chui Before 2

Darien Chui After 2



Pye Jirsa – Website | Instagram

pye jirsa beforepye jirsa afterJessie VanDreew Jackson – Website | Instagram

Jessie Vandrew Jackson Before

Jessie Vandrew Jackson After

Prasheila Lookhar – Website | Instagram

Prasheila Lookhar Before

Prasheila Lookhar After

Adrian Ong – Website | Instagram

Adrian Ong Before

Adrian Ong After

Mauricio Ureña – Website | Instagram

Mauricio Garbanso Before

Mauricio Garbanso AfterJason Vinson – Website | Instagram


Jason Vinson After

Wes Shinn – Website | Instagram

Wes Shinn Before

Wes Shinn After

Party of Two Photography – Website | Instagram

Kim Howard Lawrence Before

Kim Howard Lawrence After

Darien Chui – Website | Instagram

Darien Chui Before 1

Darien Chui After 1Barbara Cardinali MacFerrin – Website | Instagram

Barbarra McFerrin Before

Barbarra McFerrin After

Udit Khanna – Website | Instagram

Udhit Kanna Before

Udhit Kanna After

Sean Thurston – Website | Instagram

Sean Thurston Before

Sean Thurston After

Nicole Engstrom – Website | Instagram

Nicole Engstrom Before

Nicole Engstrom After


Darien Chui – Website | Instagram

Darien Chui Before


Darien Chui AfterImagination is always the limit when it comes to creativity. The advancements in various photo editing tools and the innovations in camera standards make it possible for professionals and hobbyists alike to challenge the boundaries of stunning imagery. Do you want to learn more and sharpen your skills in photography? Join our Facebook community now! In the group, you’ll get access to various resources and you’ll get to connect with photographers from all around the world!