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Artist Feature: Katrina Stone | Top 10 Songs You Can License From Artlist For Your Next Film Or Slideshow

By SLR Lounge Sponsored on March 28th 2019

When scoring a film or slideshow, the last thing you want is to distract from the story and ruin your project with the wrong tune. If you’re like most filmmakers or photographers, composing an original score is not in the budget. Instead, the go-to for building soundtracks involves licensing songs from online publishers like Artlist. The tricky part when licensing a song, however, is picking the right artist(s). Fortunately, in our quest to find film-worthy music, we found a prolific musician with an incredible catalog of songs.

Meet Katrina Stone, an artist whose upbeat music will undoubtedly complement a wide range of video projects. Even if you’ve never heard her name, there’s a good chance you’ve heard her music. A standout from the crowded L.A. music scene, Stone has scored several brand endorsements, performed on the Warped Tour, and written songs featured in ads from Wayfair, Hulu, Apple, Pez, and others.

Below, we’ve selected 10 great songs from Katrina Stone that you can license from Artlist using their unique unlimited access subscription to create the perfect soundtrack for your next video project.

Featured Songs (Available with Vocals Or As Instrumentals)

1) Never Wanna Grow Up

  • Categories: Singer-songwriter, Children, Acoustic, Folk
  • Mood: Playful, Uplifting, Carefree, Love, Hopeful, Happy
  • Video Theme: Food, People, Vlog, Road trip, Lifestyle & More
  • Album: Here

2) Choose Happy

  • Categories: Rock, Pop, Singer-Songwriter
  • Mood: Uplifting, Carefree, Love, Playful, Hopeful, Peaceful & More
  • Video Theme: Business, Technology, People, Weddings & More
  • Album: Here

3) Together Forever (Ft. Benj Heard)

  • Categories: Pop, Singer-Songwriter
  • Mood: Uplifting, Happy, Carefree, Love, Playful, Hopeful & More
  • Video Theme: Food, People, Vlog, Road trip, Travel & More
  • Album: Here

4) Movin’ Along

  • Categories: Electronic, Pop, Singer-Songwriter, Funky & Groovy
  • Mood: Uplifting, Carefree, Love, Playful, Hopeful, Happy
  • Video Theme: Time-lapse, Food, People, Road trip, Lifestyle & More
  • Album: Here

5) Soulshine

  • Categories: Electronic, Pop
  • Mood: Happy, Carefree, Love, Playful, Hopeful, Serious & More
  • Video Theme: Time-lapse, Slow motion, Fashion, Vlog, Aerials & More
  • Album: Here

6) Anywhere I Run

  • Categories: Children, Pop, Singer-Songwriter, Folk
  • Mood: Uplifting, Carefree, Love, Playful, Hopeful, Peaceful & More
  • Video Theme: Travel, Building & city, Nature, Time-lapse, Food & More
  • Album: Here

7) I Hope So – Instrumental Version

  • Categories: Holiday, Cinematic, Acoustic, Classical
  • Mood: Uplifting, Love, Hopeful, Peaceful, Serious, Dramatic & More
  • Video Theme: Slow motion, Time-lapse, Landscape, People & More
  • Album: Here

8) Love’s Not Lost

  • Categories: Pop, Singer-Songwriter
  • Mood: Carefree, Love, Hopeful, Peaceful, Dramatic, Sad & More
  • Video Theme: Time-lapse, People, Road trip, Lifestyle, Fashion & More
  • Album: Here

9) I Like It

  • Categories: Pop, Singer-Songwriter, Funky & Groovy, Electronic
  • Mood: Uplifting, Happy, Carefree, Love, Playful, Hopeful, Serious
  • Video Theme: Business, Technology, Fashion, Medical & More
  • Album: Here

10) Unlove You

  • Categories: Electronic, Pop, Hip Hop
  • Mood: Love, Serious, Dramatic, Angry, Uplifting, Sad
  • Video Theme: People, Vlog, Travel, Sport & fitness, Lifestyle & More
  • Album: Here


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