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8 Must-Capture Wedding Detail Shots

By Pye Jirsa on December 29th 2015

When it comes to wedding detail shots, it’s okay to make a big deal out of something so small. Getting great wedding detail shots of everything from the wedding rings to the wedding dress is truly a must on the wedding day. Here’s a handy list of our 8 Must-Capture Wedding Detail Shots and some tips on how to take your wedding detail shots to the next level.

Important Note: These are simply some quick tips on how to get great detail shots. Our actual, complete guide to wedding photography DVDs will be much more comprehensive and detailed. To understand our wedding photography framework, be sure to pre-register to receive an announcement when we launch our new Wedding Workshop course!

8 Must-Capture Wedding Detail Shots Video

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Wedding Detail 1 | Rings

  • Find Interesting Places to Place the Rings
  • Stack One Ring Upon the Other
  • Place Rings On Reflective Surfaces
  • Try different Lighting Setups for Unique Looks
  • Create Bokeh in the Background
  • Include Flowers in the Background


Wedding Detail 2 | Shoes

  • Place Shoes on Smooth, Reflective Surfaces
  • Find Interesting Positions to Lay the Shoes
  • Try Unique Angles You Haven’t Seen Before
  • Photograph the Details on the Shoes


Wedding Detail 3 | Dresses

  • Hang the Dress on Various Objects like a Tree
  • Use a Mirror to Provide a New Perspective
  • Dangle the Dress on Arches or Ledges
  • Get Close to the Dress Details
  • Attach the Dress Next to a Window For Soft Light


Wedding Detail 4 | Necklaces

  • Arrange the Necklaces into a Neat Order
  • Change the Background to Create Dramatic Looks
  • Hang or Place Necklaces on Various Surfaces
  • Reflect Light Through What’s Holding The Necklace


Wedding Detail 5 | Watches

  • Make the Watch the Focus
  • Position the Groom’s Arm to Hold His jacket
  • Get Close Ups of the Inner Works of the Watch
  • Pose The Groom as if Putting on the Watch
  • Lay the Watch on Top of or Next to a Tie


Wedding Detail 6 | Earrings

  • Have the Bride Highlight the Earrings
  • Place them on Interesting Surfaces to Highlight
  • Find Compelling Places to Hang the Earrings


Wedding Detail 7 | Bouquets

  • Have Bride Hold the Bouquet at Waist Height
  • Include Bridesmaid Bouquets Next to the Bride’s Bouquet
  • Place Bouquet on a Reflective Table


Wedding Detail 8 | Bracelets

  • Photograph the Bracelets on the Bride
  • Stack Them on Top of Each Other
  • Place A Row of Bracelets on Top of Each Other
  • Spread Them Apart in any Fashion

Wedding_Bracelets_Details[Rewind: 8 Fun Bridesmaid Poses]

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  1. April Payton

    I love it! I wish I had clients that put this effort into their details..makes the photos so much nicer.

    | |
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  3. Armands Sprogis

    Love that fist ring shot. I love starting the wedding day with details. I get so excited to photograph rings, shoes, dress. Love it.

    | |
  4. Fisnik Islami

    excellent pictures ,thanks for the tutorial

    | |
  5. Richard Bremer

    Excellent list! I already do all of them, but the extra tips are really helpfull. Thx for sharing!

    | |
  6. Lee G

    Nice checklist I’m wondering where did they shoot the shot of the heels?

    | |
  7. john mariani

    While i believe these things should not go unnoticed , if that is their center of attention , their marriage probably won’t last . i capture these things but i do not set them aside to do so . I will definitely take this into consideration for my next wedding shoot .

    | |
  8. Joseph Ford

    Fabulous check list, i especially like the different variations presented.

    | |