What’s New at The Music Bed

If you haven’t been to themusicbed.com in the past couple weeks (or ever, for that matter), I highly suggest you take a look at their completely redesigned site. I’ll be honest, the last version of the site got a bit clunky at times with lag and delays. But, the new design is sleek, sexy and most importantly functional and fast!

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Although they’re a music licensing site, TMB has taken a strong interest in championing the individual creative and resourcing users with tools and wisdom from leaders in the film/photo industry to help hone their craft and find creative balance. So, in addition to being an amazing resource for licensing music, they are also becoming a wonderful resource for inspiration and guidance.


The TMB team just released a new film exploring creative process with an original score (now available for licensing) by today’s featured artist, Ryan Taubert. Ryan is a highly sought after composer with a knack for creating moments with music. Artists like Ryan are what set the TMB catalog apart —  independent, passionate, relevant, and emotive.

1. Found:

Overall, Found is a super steady track. Think ambient, etherial, and pleasant. This song will pick you up and glide you along in the most subtle and emotional way. Perfect for a montage of sweet memories or an emotional timelapse.

2. Kings

This is epic. Really epic. It starts you off nice and easy with piano and then around 30 seconds takes you on a journey that leads to a big crescendo at 2:00 minutes. This track goes well with just about anything, but it’s especially great for epic timelapses and wedding slideshows.

3. Christmas Symphony

Got a Christmas party to recap? Or a holiday family get-together to relive? Then this track will bring all the holiday cheer you could ask for. At just over a minute, this track is perfect for small holiday recaps and promos.

 4. Reverie Of Hope Reprise

With tribal percussion, this song is big and bold. It starts of nice and easy and then around 55 seconds explodes with epicness. If you’ve got a safari trip, legendary adventure, out-of-this-world experience to recap, this track will kill it.

 5. House Riot

If ever there was a track that was “all rise”, House Riot is that track. With synth sounds, a steady beat, and solid bass, this one goes great with dances, raves, wedding receptions, and anything that has no room for down time.

 6. Summer Republic

Beaches, convertibles, and palm trees. With California guitar and vibey drums, this track keeps a steady pace throughout. Around minute one there’s a short breakdown and some light-hearted whistling that will make you want to grab your gear and hit the boardwalk. Perfect for retreat slideshows, family vacations, and summer feels.

With a composer as talented and diverse as Ryan, there’s no way we could do more than hit the tip of the iceberg with six songs. Head on over to www.themusicbed.com to license music from Ryan Taubert and check out his full catalogue.