With a historical appreciation for the arts, a diverse, multicultural society, and an abundance of historical and urban landmarks to photograph, creatives in the United Kingdom produce some of the best wedding photography in the world.

In 2016, we shared our 150 Best International Wedding Photographers and 100 Best Wedding Photographers in the U.S. and Canada. After a 4 year hiatus, we’re back at it, combing through thousands of portfolios to find the best wedding photographers in each region.  Since we created an all-encompassing list of the best international wedding photographers in our previous round, we decided to narrow down our focus to specific regions of the world to further highlight artists doing incredible creative work in the wedding photography field.

Note, for a more updated list, see the best wedding photographers in the UK on Wedding Maps.

The Selection Method for the 100 Best Wedding Photographers in the UK for 2020

When it came to finding the “100 Best Wedding Photographers in the UK for 2020,” we were extremely particular in our consideration. With so many wonderful photographers with varying styles all around the world, the process required weeks of research, analysis of thousands of portfolios, and research into the opinions of dozens of trusted industry sources.

Our goal was to invent a systematic method of selection that included as much objectivity as possible in an inherently subjective process. Here’s how we created the list:

Step 1: We first compiled multiple lists of award-winners, instructors, and industry leaders from a variety of respected sources. These sources included the following:

  • Conference Speakers – Educators from conferences like  The Photography Show,  The Societies of Photographers, Photokina, WPPI, PhotoPlus, Imaging USA, Canada Photo Convention, CreativeLive, and Mystic Seminars, and other conferences
  • Award Winners – Photographers recognized by respected sources like Fearless Photographers, Pop Photo, Junebug Weddings, Martha Stewart Weddings, SLR Lounge, American Photo Mag, and other publications.
  • Brand Ambassadors – Sponsored photographers from respected brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Profoto, Kodak, Magmod, and the MAC Group lineup of products.

Step 2: We ran these lists through a formula to find the reoccurring names. If a name or studio appeared more than once, they were up for consideration. We then looked for the following:

  • Working Photographers – Since this is a list of the best wedding photographers for 2020 (and not an “all-time” list), we wanted to ensure that each artist was active. For this, we looked for clues like their blog entry dates and the contents of their social media activity.
  • Artists and Not Just Educators – The formula revealed some photographers who are well-known educators but lacked in artistry in comparison to the rest of the results. These were eliminated.
  • Artists and Not Just Networkers – The formula also revealed some photographers who are well connected in the industry but lacked in artistry in comparison to the rest of the results. These were also eliminated.

Step 3:  We went through the long process of reviewing each portfolio for the following characteristics:

  • Uniqueness and Creativity – This list favors photographers who are doing something different. Some are pioneering new techniques, others see art in places where most photographers would overlook.
  • Artistry and Vision – This list also favors photographers who have a complete vision for the final product. In their images, you can see how all elements of the scene work together (the subjects, location, post-processing, and more) for a beautiful, cohesive, final product.
  • Timing and Emotion Capture – This list also favors photographers who have a knack for being in the right place at the right time to create emotional photojournalism.
  • Consistency – This list favors photographers who produce consistent quality from shoot to shoot. One single great shot (or even a large set of great shots) is not enough to make the list.

Step 4:  We then compared portfolios again and continued to eliminate until we cut the list down to 95 photographers. We kept our list at 95 because we want you to nominate the rest of the 5 in the comments below. The primary limitation is that the initial selection favors artists with high visibility, whether that be through teaching, networking, or winning awards. There very well could be some deserving photographers with lower visibility (perhaps with all of their efforts going towards serving their clients). There may also be some rising stars that are simply too new to pop up on our radar. So let us know your thoughts and help us make this the best possible list of its kind.

100 Best Wedding Photographers in the UK for 2020

With that, congratulations to the following photographers (presented in alphabetical order):

Aaron Storry
Alan Law
Albert Palmer
Alex Beckett
Alexis Jaworski
Andrew Keher
Andrew Rae Photography
Andy Gaines
Ash Powell
Becy Farr
Bianco Photography
Caro Weiss
The Caryls Photography
Colin Ross
Ceranna Photography
The Crawleys
Dalbir Virdee
Damian Brandon (See Profile)
Dan McCourt
Danelle Bohane
David Pullum
David Ruff
David Scholes
Devlin Photos
Dmitry Fedotov
Dominic Lemoine
Ed Peers
Ellie Gillard
Emil Boczek
Emma Jane
Emma Warley
Epic Love Photography
Erica Hawkins
Fiona Walsh
Gurvir Johal
Ginger Beard Weddings
Gione da Silva
Henry Lowther Photography
Hugo Burnand
Ilva Rimicane Photography
Igor Demba (See Profile)
Ivash Volodymyr
Jacob and Pauline Photography and Films
James Frost Photographic Services
Janina Brocklesby
Jessica Williams Photography
Jon Mold
Jordanna Marston
Julie Michaelsen
Lara Arnott
Lloyd Richard
Lisa Carpenter
Lucy Birkhead
Luke Bell
Lyndsey Anne Photography
Lyndsey Goddard
Lynne Kennedy
Marianne Chua
Mark Wallis
Marta May
Martin Beddall
Martin Dabek
Matthew Rycraft
Matt Porteous
MIKI Studios
Mike Meller
Natalie J Watts
Neil Redfern
Olivia & Dan Photography
Oobaloos Photography
Paul Rogers
Pedro Álvarez
Pengelly Photography
Pixies in the Cellar
Rahul Khona
Ray Sawyer
Razvan Danaila
Remain in Light Photography
Rich Howman
Ricky Baillie (See Profile)
Robin Goodlad
Rohit Gautam
Ross Harvey
Sam Docker
Sanjay Jogia
Sansom Photography
Sara Lincoln
Sean Bell
Soven Amatya (see Profile)
Stanbury Photography
Stay Wild Images
Steven Rooney
Terry Li
The Vedrines
Veronika Ward
Will Patrick Wedding Photography
York Place Studios (see Profile)
Zakas Photography
Zohaib Ali

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