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The Nikon D810 - How Does It Fit Into Today's Market?

While writing my review of the Nikon D810, the biggest difficulty I felt was definitely the struggle to compare it against such a vast array of competition.

Nikon D810 Full Review - The Repeat Champion Of DSLRs Indeed!

When I first read the specs on the new Nikon D810, I already knew we had a winner on our hands. Despite the folks who usually nay-say about these types of "incremental...

Nikon 20mm f/1.8 G ED Nano, SB-500 Flash Video Light

In addition to the exciting new D750 and its MB-D16 battery grip, Nikon has also announced what is in my opinion and equally or even more exciting new lens, as well as a new...

The Nikon D750 - A D700 Successor, or D600 Damage Control?

Better not return that D810 after all, wedding photojournalists and "lifestyle" photographers!  The Nikon D750, in all its (numerically implied) D700-successor glory, has...

Syrp Genie Timelapse & Video Motion Control Review

For the serious videographer or timelapse photographer, motion is critical in creating content that stands out from the crowd. The Syrp Genie is a robust, highly adaptable...

Nikon Df vs Canon 6D: Creating a 'Drivelapse' Timelapse Sequence

Last year when the Nikon Df first came out, I was really excited to see what it could do in low light. To be specific, the type of breath-taking near-darkness that only a full...

Adventure Report #1 - Mt Whitney's 97 Switchbacks, Under The Milky Way!

This will mark the beginning of a new series for SLR Lounge, the Adventure Report Series. We will share our adventure and travel photography experiences, stories, and of course...

Nikon D810 - The Repeat Champion Of DSLRs?

Pre-Order the D810 here on B&H for $3296 It never fails.  A few days after you buy a camera, they announce its replacement!  Sure enough, just moments after I...

Wedding Ring Detail Photo With Macro Lens - How We Shot It

The Photos The Equipment and Settings Nikon D5300 Tamron 90mm f/2.5 Adapt-all (manual focus) 1:2 (0.5x) Macro Lens ~1/3 sec @ f/8 & ISO 100, or ~1/50 sec. @...

Nikon 2014 Predictions & Wishlist

  The recent news of Nikon's "financial projection shortcomings" (click here!) might be alarming to many readers, however, it also reminded me of another story in...

Vintage Cool Cross Processing Lightroom Presets - Weekly Edit Season 2 Episode 10

When people talk about vintage or cross-processing, they usually think of natural light, bright warm sun, and that style of processing.  But can you apply vintage fades or...

Canon Lens Price War Coming? - CameraTalk With Matthew Saville

"So It Begins." ...spoke King Theoden, in The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers. Long have photographers complained about how expensive name-brand lenses are. And rightfully...