Cultural Case Studies: Mormon/Latter-Day Saints Wedding

Chances are, if you’re shooting a Mormon wedding, the couple will get married in a Mormon temple. Unfortunately, there is no photography allowed inside a Mormon temple. That said, there’s still plenty to shoot.

Typical Structure

Temple Sealing (No photography)
Grand Exit
Ring Ceremony (Photography)


Before the Day

  • Discuss time window after Temple Sealing (usually 1 hour, tops).

On the Day

  • Temple Sealing can’t be photographed; instead, take documentary/detail shots of the temple grounds and waiting guests.
  • Plan a grand exit with the waiting guests for the bride/groom.
  • Family/wedding party portraits after exit.
  • Couples session on property.
  • Ring ceremonies generally follow a typical non-denominational Christian ceremony structure.

Limited Time &The Importance of Guests

One of the most important elements to discuss before the wedding day is the time window after the temple ceremony. Mormon temples typically host several wedding ceremonies in a single day (sometimes 20 to 30 weddings), so the time you will have for a couples session and family portraits on the property is very limited, usually between 30-60 minutes.

Because photographers are unable to capture images during a Mormon ceremony, it becomes that much more important to capture images of family, friends, and guests immediately after the ceremony in formalized portraits.