Couples photography generally falls into two categories: Traditional and Lifestyle. In this article and video, we will be talking a little bit about the differences and showing you some examples.


To keep it simple, a “Traditional” photo session is focused more on static poses in front of a beautiful background with ideal lighting. The couple will look straight into the camera, give their nicest smile, and snap! The focus of a traditional photo is simply our subject and their expression.



On the other side of the spectrum, a “Lifestyle” photo session is more personalized around the couple’s personalities and daily activities. For example, if the couple enjoys reading we’ll try to get a picture of them reading together in a nice environment and background. If they enjoy exercise, we’ll find a creative way to implement that into their photo session. Lifestyle sessions focus more on the couple’s relationship and daily activities rather than just an ideal expression.



For all of our portrait sessions, we like to make sure we’re getting a good mix of both Traditional and Lifestyle photos. But, if we were to lean more to one side of the spectrum, we encourage our couples to look more towards lifestyle photography as it generally yields a more personalized product. Lifestyle photography leads to more relaxed and natural photos, as well as photos that cater to the couple’s individual personalities and tastes. To do this, we like to get our couples involved in the planning of their portrait session by creating a “Mood Board” which we’ll discuss in the next tutorial.