Wedding Photography Pricing

As a photographer, it’s important to price yourself adequately. Price yourself too low and you’ll regret every shoot you do, too high and you won’t get any business. Jeff and Lori from Indigo Silver Studio have a unique pricing strategy that works well for them, and they want to share it with you. They are also teaching a few workshops at Shutterfest, so if you like what you see here be sure to check them out there!

Pricing Strategy For Wedding Photographers with Jeff and Lori

Wedding Photography Pricing Strategy Tip 1: Start Simple

Jeff and Lori got rid of packages so they can start at a price point that most people in their area are comfortable with. Indigo Silver Studio has an associate photographer whose price point starts at a competitive rate compared to the other photographers in the area. When the clients come in, Jeff and Lori can then show them other services and packages that would encourage potential clients to invest more into their photography package.


Wedding Photography Pricing Strategy Tip 2: Have an easy upgrade system with many add-on features

Most of Indigo Silver Studios clients come in the door with only coverage and digital files in mind, but Jeff and Lori make it easy for their clients to add albums and other features at any time. The secret here is to have the price point of the next upgrade very close to where the client is already sold.

So let’s say your client has 6 hours of coverage at $2100. For an additional $300 they can have 8 hours of coverage, and then for an additional $300 they can move up from an associate photographer to a master photographer which includes a timeline planning meeting and a $200 engagement credit. When the clients come in, they’ve already up sold themselves from a $2100 package to a $2700 package, and if they add an album they’ll be over $4000.


Wedding Photography Pricing Strategy Tip 3: Show what you want to sell

This is the easiest way for a client to invest more into their photography package. If your client is interested in albums then make sure you have albums on the table, if they’re interested in wall portraits then have those hanging on the wall. When a client can see what a desirable product looks like in person, they’ll entertain the idea of purchasing it more.


Learn more about Wedding Photography

This is a 3 part interview series so be on the lookout for part 2 and 3 in the upcoming weeks. We hope you enjoyed this interview, if you’re interested in learning more about Jeff and Lori be sure to check out their weddings at indigosilver studio, or their photographers’ educational resource at The Shoot Space.

If you’re interested about learning more about wedding photography Jeff and Lori will be teaching a few classes at Shutterfest, and we’re also teaching a wedding workshop in the Bahamas!

Jeff and Lori also have a Wedding Investment Guide/Price list & Instructional Video available for purchase.  SLRLounge readers get 25% off, simply use the promo code “loungepricing” for the discount to apply.