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27 May 2022



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Who needs paper? Get one of these Custom Wood Prints!

Most photos spend their days as digital files nowadays. Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, it makes no difference – most people keep their pictures online, not in albums. So what can you do to get real impact with the few photos that you do decide to get printed? How about a huge wooden print that people can touch and feel!
The German company, Photocarver, actually takes your images and carves them into prints. As you would expect this can be rather expensive, but if you are looking for a rather unique and interesting way to get some prints done this could be the way. All you need to do is select a good candidate(high contrast, simple background) and upload it to their website where you can see a preview of what your image will look like as a wooden print.
I think that this is a really neat product that they have going here. I mean it is surely not for everyone or every image, but it is a very unique way to get a print done and will certainly stand out on a wall more than your average print. I am thinking this may make for a cool birthday present or Christmas present for my father, who loves woodworking.
What do you guys think? Is this something you might try out? Let us know in the comments below.