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When faking it is better than real
Tips & Tricks
Simply put, photography is light. A photograph is a record of light at any given time and place, photons captured via a sensor or on film. Whether...
Gear & Apps
With the arrival of WWDC oh hardly a month ago now, Apple users worldwide were tantalized by the changes to iTunes, the coming of an Apple sound...
Gear & Apps
For fans of Nik Software, Google’s 2012 acquisition of the company was met with skepticism. It was suspected that of the suite of Lightroom and...
Gear & Apps
Did you know your phone has more technology in it than the Space Station? Ok, I didn’t even try to verify that but they are amazing – like,...
Gear & Apps
Snapseed has been a go-to for editing photos on mobile devices since its inception as an iPad app in 2011 when it was a Nik product, before the...
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