27 Jan 2020
Insights & Thoughts

Learn to Grow your Photo Mojo with Honest and Constructive Critiques

As a photographer it is important to always be evolving and improving on your work, finding new techniques and creative ways to create compelling imagery. One of the best ways to grow your photography that doesn’t involve actually shooting is getting good honest critique from people whose opinions that you respect. I mean sure it feels great for your mother to tell you that you latest work looks amazing, but does that really help you grow? The answer is no, you grow from hearing what you did well and what you did not do so well –


How to Develop Your Creativity | Tuesdays with Lauri

As this is the first article in this series, I decided to kick-off with a topic that should be of interest to the majority of us: Creativity. It’s one of the biggest mysteries our humankind has ever tackled. It is amazing how some individuals are able to create new artistic, creative inventions and art pieces, while others just keep on doing the same things day in and day out. At a quick glance it almost seems like creativity is a gift that has been given to only a select few.