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It's a revolutionary lens in that it offers the widest aperture of any zoom lens in its focal range, but is it worth the extra size, weight, and cost?
Canon RF 50 1.2L vs Canon EF 50 1.2L
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Get ready for the ultimate Canon 50mm f/1.2 showdown.
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The Canon RF 50mm F1.2L is the newest prime L lens that Canon has released and it's the first for the new Canon EOS R mirrorless system.
Back To The Basics Nighttime Portraits With ONLY A Phone Flashlight
Pye Jirsa December 17, 2018
No flash? No problem. See how Pye uses just his phone flashlight and the Canon EOS R to create dramatic nighttime...
In October and November, there are a lot of exciting deals as well as new camera releases!
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Canon's full-frame mirrorless system is here! The EOS RF is an impressive camera at an impressive price, especially considering the new technology...
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