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28 Nov 2021




WPPI: Hanging Out with Kirsty Mitchell, Zhang Jingna, Renee Robyn, and Ben Von Wong

SLR Lounge’s Joe Gunawan spent a day and half with a group of amazing photographers: conceptual photographer Kirsty Mitchell of the Wonderland series, fashion photographer Zhang Jingna, expert retoucher/fetish & fashion photographer Renee Robyn, and all-around hyper creative photographer Ben Von Wong. Check out the group interview that we had with all four talented individuals.

News & Insight

Von Wong Shoots Epic Ballerinas in Smoke!

World traveller and photographer-extraordinaire Benjamin Von Wong continued his series with the National Slovak Theatre. This time, Ben and the dance company went indoors into an empty theater and brought along a portable fog machine to add the drama. Add some edgy rim lights and exquisite lines and shapes from the dancers, and you have yourself some epic images.