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27 May 2024

Submit Articles and Tutorials

Have an article suggestion or idea?  We wouldn’t be here without you, our awesome photography community, so we would love to hear from you. Submit your tips and suggestions to media@slrlounge.com

What we are looking for

– Photography news and current events
– New Gear or App Releases
– Photography, Post Processing, and Business Tutorials
– Interesting Photography Youtube Videos
– Other Relevant Content

What we are NOT looking for

We are not looking for “guest contributions” from professional copywriters and SEOs … you know who you are!

Other Opportunities

Article Collaborations – If you’re not looking to submit a full article, but you would still like to contribute your knowledge and/or imagery to an article in exchange for link credit to your website and social media, see our list of open Article Collaborations.

Consistent Writers– We’re looking for a daily news and technology writer. If you’re interested, please email media@slrlounge.com for more information.