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Types of Contributors

We are looking for the following types of contributors:

  • Staff Writers – These are photographers/writers with a consistent voice on SLR Lounge. These weekly writers develop a following and fan-base on SLR Lounge. We’re looking for people to find awesome BTS videos, present breaking industry news, review products, write tutorials and more. These positions are paid./li>
  • Contributors – If you are unable to write weekly, then you may still contribute to SLR Lounge. This is a great way to share your thoughts, grow your reputation as a leader in the industry, and build valuable traffic and links to your site. However, as our site thrives with consistency, these contributions are unpaid.Note: If you are looking to promote a product or website, you should consider advertising with SLR Lounge. You may also consider submitting educational content that does not directly promote your product or website.

Types of Articles

We are looking for the following types of articles:

Short Articles (aka Rehashes)

  • Length: 2-3 Short Paragraphs, 200-400 words
  • Average Time Spent: 15-30 minutes
  • Description: These types of articles include product releases or updates, inspirational videos or behind-the-scenes clips, and more. Articles fit into the short article category when they are based on another source. In these articles it’s important to not only restate the information but to also add in your opinion as to why it’s relevant.
  • Examples: Von Wong BTS Video, Fine Art Portraits Influenced by Classical Paintings, Pocket Wizard announces PlusX
  • Additional Notes: It’s important to realize that you’re not just restating information but you’re adding value to the conversation. You should be answering the following questions: Why is this relevant? What are your Thoughts? How does this affect our community? These are all important things to consider when writing these articles. It’s not just a “hey look at this cool ____” and it’s definitely not copying the information from other sources.

Longer Articles (aka Originals)

Editorials, BTS Videos, and Others
If you’re interested in creating original videos, comprehensive tutorials, and original photography projects, these fall under its own category. Examples, are many of Lauri’s videos or 2) Joe’s Shooting Guides, 3) Raw vs. JPEG Visual Guide. These are only reserved for frequent, long-standing contributors.

Benefits and Compensation

If you’re serious about writing, and you’re committed to delivering high-quality, highly relevant, consistent articles, we can discuss compensation that includes the following:

  • Per Article Compensation – Your first article is unpaid, as this is considered training. After that, you will be paid per article based on an existing compensation structure.
  • Product Compensation – With reviews of select products, you may keep the reviewed product
  • Exposure and Links – Our growing community looks to our writers as leaders in the industry. You may link to your portfolio and social networking sites in your profile and your articles
  • Press Passes for Major Events – Our consistent writers can get press access to the major conventions around the world (WPPI, PDN, etc). Many of these include full registration valued in the hundreds of dollars.

Getting Started

To get started, please write your first article and send it over to [email protected] If we do not publish your article on the main SLR Lounge site, you have full freedom to shop your article around to other websites.

After your first article, we should have a good idea of whether or not you’re a good fit for SLR Lounge. If so, we’ll create a contributors account so that you may write your posts directly in the site.

We highly recommend that you make your first article a “short article (aka rehash),” as these are typically easier to write and require less time. After a couple of these, we encourage you to try a “longer article (aka original).”


What Should I Write for My First Article? – Part of being an SLR Lounge writer is going out and finding interesting content. Find an interesting subject from your favorite source of inspiration, contact your favorite photographer to see if you may feature his or her work, and stay up-to-date on all of the industry announcements. After you’re accepted as a writer, you’ll be granted access to our writers group, where we share ideas for articles. However, until then, we’d like to see what you can find on your own.