Camera Raw Presets CC

Newly Updated ACR Presets

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  • Post Produce 4-10x Faster With One-Click Presets
  • Refined For Over 9 Years Of Preset Development
  • Achieve Versatile Effects To Fit Your Individual Style
  • 372 Presets including 341 Develop Presets, 31 Brush Presets
  • Utilize Brushes For Retouching & Special Effects
  • Requires Adobe Bridge CS6 or Newer 
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Our Same Amazing Lightroom Presets Now In Adobe Camera RAW

These presets have been refined and developed for over 9 years.  The result is a complete, precise and versatile set of Camera Raw Presets (and Brushes) that has become a must-have for any wedding, portrait, or travel / landscape photographer.

Increase Your Speed By 4 To 10 Times!

By achieving beautiful, professional results in just a few clicks, our community of professional photographers have reported increased post production speeds of 4 to 10 times! As a business owner, your time is your most valuable resource.  Save hours on EVERY shoot by using our powerful and intuitive presets.

"But I Don't Want My Images To Look The Same As Everyone Else"

With our versatile system, you can get many different polished and professional styles, so your final output will remain unique to your artistic style. Below are some of the most popular effects in our Camera Raw Preset System.

What's New From Previous Versions?

Adobe Camera Raw Professional Presets (2018) has been reworked to give you even better colors, tonalities, and overall contrast so that you can achieve to an amazing final image in just a few clicks. We’ve included additional improvements to our previous Camera Raw Presets System, such as:

  • New color schemes applied to all mixologies to give warm tones a less “green” appearance on certain cameras and an overall better effect
  • Refined dynamic range and tonality (tested against newer cameras like the Canon 5D Mark IV and the Nikon D5)
  • General bug fixes

Over 370 Presets, Including 341 Presets & 31 Brush Presets

On top of the nearly 300 global presets that are in this workflow system, we have also designed a robust retouching and editing preset suite for your local adjustment brushes and filters. These brush and filter presets give you the ability to quickly retouch a portrait without ever opening up Photoshop. 

Retouching & Special Effects

Sold by others, these retouching brush presets themselves can cost $100 or more. Also included are artistic stylization brushes which for example, can help you enhance the detail and color within the sky, or make a dress or other article of clothing pop, you can add lens blur to an image to create a tilt-shift look, or how about even creating realistic sun flares, all from within Camera Raw.

Presets That Stack

To help you gain back creative control in post processing, we designed the Adobe Camera Raw Preset System with a “layered” or additive approach to developing. So, rather than clicking a single “one-click” preset that creates a very specific look, we have designed the presets to layer upon one another in the developing framework. With this additive approach to post-processing, you can create virtually any look with just a few clicks in a matter of seconds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do these presets work with Bridge CS3, CS4, or CS5?

A: Unfortunately NO. These presets are only compatible with the CS6, or “Creative Cloud” versions of Photoshop, Bridge, and ACR.

Q: I just bought the other presets. Do I have to pay for the upgrade?:

A: $19 Price for Lightroom Preset owners (forward proof of purchase or receipt to [email protected]). $19 Upgrade Price for Previous Camera RAW preset Version Owners (forward proof of purchase or receipt to [email protected]

Q: I use both Lightroom as well as Bridge, which presets should I buy?

A: SLR Lounge offers a nearly identical preset system for both, however, the presets themselves are not cross compatible. Lightroom Presets CC is available for Lightroom and Camera Raw Presets CC is available for Bridge/ACR.  

Q: Do these work with JPEG and RAW?

A: Yes! They work with any file type that can be opened in Adobe’s raw interface, including JPG and TIF. However, we strongly advise shooting in RAW when using these presets, because you will always see better results when editing RAW images. Partly because these presets are designed to work best with the un-processed nature of raw files, but also simply because JPG photos simply do not retain significant amounts of image detail to begin with.

Q: Do these work with high ISO images?

A: Yes! These presets are made for all types of photography and all types of ISO settings. There are even presets that help with noise reduction and detail enhancement, for both low-light portraits and astro-landscape images of the Milky Way, etc.

Q: How will I get the presets?

A: The Adobe Camera Raw Professional Preset System is available as a digital download. The download file is relatively small, but it must be installed on a computer; the presets cannot be installed on or from a mobile device. Additional training videos on how to install and use Camera Raw Presets are available on the SLR Lounge Youtube Page!