We live in a youth-obsessed world where beauty and self-expression are the global currency that make up a multi-billion dollar industry. And as the masses are demanding more diversity there are no longer predefined parameters that call for separation between the two realms of fashion and beauty. In fact they are becoming mutually exclusive.

As such, beauty photography is now a standard to have in a portfolio for models and fashion photographers alike. The idea of crossing over and becoming proficient as a beauty photographer can be overwhelming, especially when taking into account the cost of obtaining the necessary equipment. Wouldn’t it be nice if all of this could be achieved with minimal gear?

In her latest video, Anita Sadowska shares her go-to lighting setup which consists of a single strobe and a large parabolic umbrella.

Gear Used:

Parabolic umbrellas provide an incredibly beautiful light source that creates specular highlights with soft contrast and is flattering to almost every subject. Unlike beauty dishes and soft boxes, there are no hot spots to troubleshoot.

If soft light is your thing, this really is a case of go big or go home; the bigger the better. Parabolic umbrellas can also create more contrast by moving the strobe head closer to the modifier or by simply feathering the light.

In addition to their versatility, the indirect light of the parabolic umbrella also creates gorgeous catchlights in the model’s eyes. If you are looking to start fulfilling your studio equipment list, adding a parabolic umbrella is a great place to start.

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Check out the following video from Anita and be sure to subscribe to her YouTube Channel for a plethora of inspiration and content.