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Simple 3 Light Set-up For a Fitness Photo Shoot | BTS With Miguel Quiles

By Miguel Quiles on October 29th 2014

Recently, I was hired to shoot some images for a boot camp instructor who was looking to create some images to market her business. I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to take some behind-the-scenes (bts) video of how easy it can be to light this type of work.


I used a very simple 3 light setup throughout the entire session which consisted of the following:


With the lights all set up and ready to go, I started taking shots. I quickly settled on 1/125, f9, ISO 100 for my camera settings and didn’t change them for the entirety of the photo shoot. Not having to mess with the settings allowed me to work with my subject to get the most interesting poses and expressions possible.


Below you’ll find my Photoflex-sponsored behind-the-scenes video showing the entire process from beginning to end. My hope is that you’ll see how easy it is to replicate these results in your own business.

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Miguel Quiles is a commercial wedding & portrait photographer based out of New Jersey. He’s been involved in the photography industry for over 15 years, starting off first as a salesman at a local camera store. Since that time, Miguel has been refining his skills and pushing the limits of his creative abilities through the medium of photography.

As a self-taught photographer, Miguel hopes to share his experience and knowledge with new and upcoming photographers who wish to take their work to the next level.

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  1. Vince Arredondo

    Nice work from Miguel as always

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  2. Basit Zargar

    amazing article

    | |
  3. Ian Sanderson

    Brilliant, my friend wants me to do some shots in his boxing ym!

    | |
  4. Aaron Cheney

    Great read

    | |
  5. Ken O’Connell

    To the point that you don’t need great equipment to pull this off: I used a D5100 and 4 Yongnuo speed lights on $15 triggers with $20 umbrellas to create similar fitness images with a similar light setup.

    | |
  6. Daniel Thullen

    Miguel, thank you for the bts look at your fitness shoot. Hopefully I can use a similar set up in the near future. Thank you for the inspiration!

    | |