The differences between ‘lossy’ JPEG and ‘lossless’ RAW need little introduction to many of you. If you’ve been shooting for some time, are an advanced enthusiast or pro, you will have undoubtedly spent some time mulling this over and have picked your side. Our community here on SLRL is constantly growing and also loaded with the next generation of photogs desperate to learn this manner of stuff. The debate between the two file formats will go on and on and we’ve covered different aspects of it before. However, this video by Tony Northrup, while old, is a good visual introduction to the differences between the two types.


In the video below, Northrup with his prototypical clear and assertive delivery, surpasses theoretical banter by giving a brief introduction and then right into real world examples of the two formats in question. Discussing the uses, virtues, and demons of each, the supplementation with ‘real-time’ editing is highly effective in illustrating the differences. It’s the difference between riding a bike, and reading how a bike is to be ridden. Northrup takes a series of difficult images in both RAW & JPEG formats, puts them through a series of edits in Lightroom, and allows for direct visual comparison.

[REWIND: JPEG Formats: Do You Know Why You Choose The Ones You Do?]

If you are looking to visually, fully, intrinsically grasp the debate by the horns and render it docile, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better source of information than our RAW vs JPEG (JPG) – The Ultimate Visual Guide. It is purposed to show the differences from a pragmatic real world usage perspective, with direct side by side comparisons.

For more informative instruction from Tony be sure to visit hit YouTube Channel and site.

Source: PetaPixel