For me, picture day was always a dreaded event in high school because of my face. I had acne so severe that little kids would frequently ask me why I had so many red freckles. If you were one of the ones that suffered mercilessly at the hands of puberty, then you understand where I am coming from. And of course, now that I’m in my mid-thirties, they’ve returned, not as bad as before, but still. Life is NOT fair.


Now, as a photographer, I deal with acne with most of my senior sessions. Of course, there are one or two students that have escaped the puberty beast and makes my post processioning a lot easier, but for the majority, there is always some retouch that is required. Phlearn has just released a 10 minute tutorial on fixing acne in Photoshop.  In it he breaks down how to remove acne in two steps – first to remove the redness and then working on the texture. It’s simple, quick and I wish I could Photoshop my face in real life some days when a big pimple pops up on my forehead. But alas, I’ll have to settle for removing it from all my photos. Thanks, Phlearn!

Watch the Tutorial

If you want to get some more great Photoshop education for an affordable price, check out Phlearn’s Photoshop 101 and 201 available in the SLR Lounge store.

[Via Phlearn YouTube]