Lightroom is such a powerful application, and yet most of us are barely scratching the surface.  And this makes sense because we all get comfortable just using the tools we know, learning enough to create beautiful images but never developing a full understanding of every tool and feature.

We believe that ALL photographers should have a mastery of post-production.  Because with mastery comes full control over your final image and your workflow speed.  In our latest workshop, Mastering Lightroom, we help you become an expert in Lightroom raw processing, allowing you to maximize the potential of each image and speed up your post-production time.

What’s Included in this Lightroom Workshop?

  • 7+ Hours of HD Video Content
  • 38 Lessons with Download, Steaming, and Mobile App Access
  • 40+ RAW Files to Follow Along and Practice
  • Community Access for Support and Learning
  • Launch Price: $99 (Retail $129).  Limited Time.
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See the Trailer Below:

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What You’ll Learn | Key Lightroom Concepts

Tone Mapping – We begin by understanding the power of tone mapping within the Basic Panel of Lightroom. We want you to understand exactly how exposure, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks and contrast work in concert to control your image.

tone mapping lightroom

The 7 Tools of Color Mapping – Did you know that there are seven unique tools for mapping color within your images? We teach basics like Temperature/Tint, Vibrance/Saturation, and the HSL. But then we go a step further to teach you advanced control color within the individual color channels of the Tone Curve.

We also teach you to use Split Toning to help unify the color palette within your images. And on top of that, you’ll learn how to use Camera Calibration to tweak overall RGB values.  Then, we round out your color control understanding by showing you the power of using brushes to adjust colors globally or locally.

This may sound complicated, but if you’ve experienced our education, you know that we’ll teach it in an easy-to-understand, approachable way.  And remember, you’ll be able to follow along with the exercise files.

tone curve lightroom tutorial

Dodging and Burning (w/out Photoshop) –  Most of us don’t realize that we can dodge and burn directly within Lightroom, and to great effect! In fact, we can not only target certain tones, but we can also use the Range Mask functionality to limit our dodging and burning effects to specific areas of our image.

This one section on advanced dodging and burning is worth the price of admission alone because not only will you create better imagery, you don’t have to go to Photoshop to do it!

dodge burn before after

Advanced Retouching – We teach you how to retouch in detail, including skin smoothening, eye and detail enhancing and much more.  Staying inside of Lightroom for 99% of your image processing workflow can potentially save you hundreds of hours in post-production each year.

advanced lightroom retouch

Dramatic Black and White Photos – Learn how to take ordinary images and create dramatic black and white images with more interest and visual impact.

blank white lightroom dramatic

Panoramic HDR Photos  – Learn how to create large HDR panoramic photos, perfect for landscape photography and for creating incredible prints for your clients or your homes.

lightroom panorama hdr 3

Customize for a Fast Workflow – Gain an understanding of the Lightroom interface, and more specifically learn some of our favorite shortcuts, interface features, and workflow tips to help you save time! We even teach you how to create your own presets and how to batch process, potentially saving you hundreds of hours each year.

lightroom short cuts

Speed Up Lightroom – We even cover tips and tricks to help you optimize Lightroom for maximum speed and performance.  Surprisingly, the out-of-the-box settings don’t minimize lag!

lightroom optimize performance

Much More!!

The points mentioned above are just a sneak peek of the concepts covered in this workshop.  Remember, this is an A-Z workshop, so whether you’re a beginner who is just getting started or a professional looking to expand the capabilities of your processing, we’ve got you covered.

How to Purchase

To purchase this workshop, visit our store page on  You can also access this workshop in our Premium Membership.