This weekend, couples will celebrate love for Valentine’s Day, while others may bitterly cry into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Whether you’re in the former or the latter category, one man has decided to celebrate his love for his pug with special photos to commemorate the occasion.

New York photographer Brit Worgan took Jonathan Graziano and his seven-year-old pug Noodle to Central Park for an engagement-style photo shoot. The two have known each other for a month now, and as they celebrate their first Valentine’s Day together, Jonathan tells Barkpost, “The moment I looked into those big bug eyes, I knew that Noodle was The Pug of my Dreams.



Jonathan is a writer at Barkpost and approached Brittany to do this shoot. Art Director Tazz Uppin and she “agreed that it had to be cheesy and ridiculous for it to work.” Brit adds, “But that wasn’t to say they couldn’t look really beautiful, too.” In the series of images, Jonathan and Noodles can be seen frolicking through the famed park, snuggling, laughing, and sneaking in a few puppy smooches. The love is apparent in Jonathan’s gaze and Noodle’s deadpan stare, giving hope to all the single ones out there.



Jonathan says, “I never stopped believing in real love. And that’s what I’d tell all those single shlubs out there. Don’t ever give up.” The two will spend Valentine’s Day cuddled up in a blanket watching season 7 of Gray’s Anatomy, because if you can make it through season 7, that’s true commitment right there.

Of course, no relationship is official until it’s Facebook official:

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You can see more of Brit Wogan’s work on her website and the original BarkPost here.

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