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List Of Mail Order Film Developing Labs

By Michelle Bird on August 21st 2014

Here’s to saving ourselves some time from running around town trying to look for a decent film lab. Throw those keys on the table, and grab your comfy office chair because all you have to do is put those rolls of film inside a mailer, and in a few days, you’ll have your prints at your doorstep. Easy enough!

I’ve compiled a list of some of the best companies out there that pride themselves in processing quality images for their customers, and are passionate about keeping the art of film processing alive.

[REWIND: List Of Places To Buy Rolls Of Film Online]

Not only will these companies process your rolls of film, some of them offer scanning services, processing of medium and large format, 35mm slides, Advantix processing, odd sized negatives, black and white, disposable cameras, etc.

Indie Film Lab

Richard Photo Lab

The Photo Place Inc.

North Coast Photographic Services

Old School Photo Lab


SF Photoworks

The Darkroom

What mail order film lab do you use and what do you like about it? Leave it in the comments section below.




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  1. alan rickman

    Memphis Film Lab has great prices and high-quality scans for 35mm and 120 on Noritsu and Kodak equipment. Fast turnaround. C41, black and white, E6.

    | |
  2. Ellen Showalter

    This LAB is the best!

    All the Pros in LA shooting film bring their film here.

    | |
  3. Brandon Harris

    Highest quality and most affordable photo scanning services, High quality scans and excellent customer service. Great to work with

    | |
  4. Sarah Graves

    Blue Moon Camera and Machine is the best lab! They take mail orders as well and have a one week turn around time. Great scanning services and they specialize in optical printing and custom darkroom work. @bluemooncamera

    | |
  5. Arthur Maines

    I use CVS 14.00 for 20 glossy prints, and I don’t get my negatives back .But they seem to be the only game in town, where I live.I would like to try out these folks at the Dark Room. Soon as I finish this roll. 

    | |
  6. Ryan Tolbert

    Boutique Film Lab is a great lab for C-41, B&W and E-6.  They can process roll film and sheet film up to 4×5.  High quality scans and excellent customer service.  New customers even get 1st roll free using coupon code “firstrollfree”.

    | |
  7. Khis Ariasaif

    I use local shop for film processing. They only charge $9 per roll of film for processing and scanning in high resolution. If the film is blank they will credit you back $2. Check them out.

    | |
  8. Sarah Weiss

    Fast Foto and Digital develops film and scans super high quality and great to work with!

    | |
  9. Gareth Roughley

    Perfect timing to read this article. Can anyone recommend a good photo scanner for digitising some older images in studio?

    | |
  10. Tyler Friesen

    Canadians can also use, I personally love dealing with RPL. I hear fantastic things about them.

    | |
  11. Ralph Hightower

    Dalmatian Lab, Greensboro, NC
    As a hobbyist, I’ve gotten great turnaround and results with traditional B&W film

    | |
  12. Tyler Rippel

    FIND lab is great as well. I like their Frontier basic scans for a great price, then do corrections in Lightroom myself.

    | |
  13. Steven Pellegrino

    It would also be interesting to know how many people are getting film processed locally. I’m in the St. Louis area, which is a fairly large city, but has limited options for this and what is there is more expensive than going out of state.

    | |
  14. Herm Tjioe

    Such a timely article. I was just about to start going through many photo sites for some helpful ratings. This has made my homework alot easier.

    | |
  15. Cha

    Pro Photo Irvine! I used to go to Richard Photo Lab but PPI does the same scan for almost half the price. They also use the same noritsu scanner, although RPL also has the frontier scanner.

    | |
    • Ralph Hightower

      I haven’t used Pro Photo Irvine, but one of the guest bloggers of KEH mentioned that he pushes or pulls C-41 films; reading the Kodak Tech Pubs on C-41 film indicates that it is unpushable. I asked him for the lab that pushes C-41 and he said Pro Photo Irvine.

      | |
    • Bryan Sheehy

      Thanks for your suggestion Cha. I just bought my first film slr and shot my first couple rolls of B&W, and now I’m looking for a decent place to get my film developed and scanned. I’m definitely going to go by Pro Photo… I’ve gotten a lot of gear from there, but I know almost nothing about their photo lab.

      I was first going to give The DarkRoom a shot, but after looking at their scan specs, I was a little worried that they only scan at 72 dpi.

      | |
  16. Steven Pellegrino

    That’s a helpful list. I’ve been using The Darkroom and have been satisfied with their service, but wouldn’t mind shopping around.

    | |