Photo: Lance Robotson

Here’s to saving ourselves some time from running around town trying to look for a decent film lab. Throw those keys on the table, and grab your comfy office chair because all you have to do is put those rolls of film inside a mailer, and in a few days, you’ll have your prints at your doorstep. Easy enough!

I’ve compiled a list of some of the best companies out there that pride themselves in processing quality images for their customers, and are passionate about keeping the art of film processing alive.

[REWIND: List Of Places To Buy Rolls Of Film Online]

Not only will these companies process your rolls of film, some of them offer scanning services, processing of medium and large format, 35mm slides, Advantix processing, odd sized negatives, black and white, disposable cameras, etc.

Indie Film Lab

Richard Photo Lab

The Photo Place Inc.

North Coast Photographic Services

Old School Photo Lab


SF Photoworks

The Darkroom

What mail order film lab do you use and what do you like about it? Leave it in the comments section below.