3 Steps to $100K More | Free 1 Hour Training by Pye [Watch Free]

25 May 2024

In our free gift to our Premium Members, we teach you one of our biggest secrets to generating thousands of leads and new Instagram followers in a single month with a low-cost, high-return strategy of photo session promotional giveaways.

Last time our studio, Lin and Jirsa Photography, ran this strategy, we had the following results:

  • 6.3K unique emails collected
  • 6.1K additional Instagram Followers
  • 6 weddings booked (with an average package price of $7.2K)

(This strategy applies to ALL genres of photography, not just wedding)

This playbook teaches the following:

  • How to set up a giveaway to collect emails & grow your social media
  • How to market the giveaway organically & virally
  • How to run Facebook ads for the giveaway
  • How to convert emails collected into ACTUAL clients
  • … Much more

This playbook is available in SLR Lounge Premium

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