Venus Optics, the manufacturer specialized in making unique camera lenses, pioneered Laowa 15mm f/4.5 Zero-D Shift ($1,199), the widest shift lens for full-frame cameras and medium format cameras. Giving credits to a ±11mm shift amount (±8mm on the medium format), this ultra-wide shift lens breaks through the industry level and bringing the wide-angle lens standard to the next level.

For cityscape photographers in particular, where shift movements are especially useful in a lens, one aspect of image quality that often gets overlooked is the sun stars. So many modern lenses have an aperture iris that is optimized for smooth background blur, but this causes sun stars to be dull and unexciting. Laowa, on the other hand, continues to get better and better at making truly beautiful sunstars, and this 15mm shift lens is one of their best, with simply gorgeous 10-point needle-sharp sunstars.

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Image quality is guaranteed with high image sharpness and nearly no optical distortion (Zero- D). The 15mm f/4.5 Zero-D Shift enriches the diversity of Laowa’s extensive wide-angle lens collection by giving photographers more control over the perspective in their images.

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World’s widest shift lens for Full Frame Cameras

15mm f/4.5 Shift is the widest shift lens for a full-frame camera. The angle of view is 110°,
and it covers a huge ⌀ 65mm image circle. The wider perspective offers a great deal of flexibility for photographers to capture architecture and interior shots when space is limited.

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±11mm Shift Amount

The maximum possible shift amount of the lens is ±11mm for full-frame camera and ±8mm for medium format camera (e.g. Fujifilm GFX / Hasselblad X1D). The shift capability allows photographers to capture straight architecture with ease. 15mm f/4.5 Zero-D Shift straightens the lines that appear to converge in the distance. Crooked images can be corrected by changing the perspective of the lens. Perspective distortion is being eliminated to create a reality-like image.

Richard WongLaowa 15mm Shift vs NoShift

The ±11mm shift amount also allows photographers to expand the angle of view by stitching multiple images. It gives an extraordinary image perspective and rooms for special compositions.

Large Image Circle

With a huge ⌀65mm image circle, the lens not only works with the full-frame format but also
covers the medium format sensors. This makes it currently the World’s Widest lens covering Fujifilm GFX sensor with no vignetting.

Large Image Circle Laowa

Zero Distortion

15mm f/4.5 Zero-D Shift is composed of 17 elements in 11 groups with 2pcs of aspherical elements. It suppresses the distortion to nearly Zero level from corner to corner. Perfect for architecture photography as any straight lines will be retained.

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Impressive Image Quality

15mm f/4.5 Zero-D Shift is coupled with a new lens coating. A significant improvement on the chromatic aberration, flaring, and ghosting control.

Extremely Close Focusing Distance

15mm f/4.5 Zero-D Shift is an ultra-wide shift lens coupled with 20cm closest focusing distance. Macro-like photos can now be created easily. The Functionality of the lens is diverse. Wide-angle macro image can be easily captured with this lens.

Stunning 10-point Sunstar

The 5-bladed aperture creates stunning 10-point Sunstar rendering.

360° Rotation

The rotation function enables photographers to change the direction of the shift easily by
pressing the silver unlock button. This gives photographers more flexibility in composing the image (in both landscape and portrait orientation). The lens barrel can be rotated through 360° and it clicks every 15°.

360 Rotation

Shift Lens Support

A lens support is specially designed for 15mm f/4.5 Zero-D Shift. Perfect for panorama stitching as the optic axis remains unchanged..


Multiple Mount options

Laowa 15mm f/4.5 Zero-D Shift is available in Canon EF, Nikon F, Canon RF, Nikon Z, Sony FE mount.
(Canon EF and Nikon F will be available in Late Nov, 2020)
(Canon RF, Nikon Z, and Sony FE mount will be available on Feb, 2021)

Pricing & Availability

The new Laowa 15mm f/4.5 Zero-D Shift is currently available to purchase via Venus Optics official website and authorized resellers. At the time of this post, the lens wasn’t listed on any of the usual vendors but once it starts shipping in November you can be sure it’ll be available.

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The US price for 15mm f/4.5 Zero-D Shift is $1,199 for all mounts. Pricing varies in different countries. The first 100 orders through our webstore will get a lens pouch for FREE.

Shipping starts from late-Nov 2020 for Canon EF and Nikon F mount.
The Canon RF, Nikon Z, and Sony FE mount will be shipped from Feb 2021.

Technical Specifications

  • Focal Length 15mm
  • Maximum Aperture f/4.5
  • Angle of View 110°
  • Shift Capability
    • Full Frame: ± 11mm of shift
    • Medium Format : ± 8mm of shift
  • Format Compatibility Full Frame
  • Lens Structure 17 elements in 11 groups
  • Aperture Blades 5
  • Min. Focusing Distance 20cm (7.87”)
  • Filter Thread —
  • Dimensions 79mm*103mm (3.1” x 4”)
  • Weight 21.0oz (597g)
  • Mounts Canon EF/RF, Nikon F/Z, Sony FE
  • Focus Manual Focus
  • Price $1,199 – B&H | Adorama | Amazon

To learn more visit the official product page here