Everything old is new again, literally! Hipstamatic, the one time super-popular app that was eclipsed by instagram, has returned with a new and updated version of the app called Hipstamatic X. The new app is free to download for iOS devices, with a paid subscription option of $4.99 a month, (or $24.99 a year), to get access to the app’s complete preset library, cameras, and over 100 lenses & film simulations, allowing you to build out your own completely custom “dream camera.”

Hipstamatic Makers Club
Hipstamatic Makers Club

While there are lots of options out there to edit your shots to look anyway you dream, the difference with this app is you build the camera first, and your shots are created with the effects done as is, effectively giving the user a “film experience” with the filter and adjustments pre-applied.

This camera brings all the joy, quirk, and randomness of analog film photography to your pocket. Why spend hours editing? Never waste another moment swiping filters, pulling sliders, or tweaking effects. DON’T EDIT. JUST SHOOT IT.

Hipstamatic - Edit Layout
Hipstamatic – Edit Layout

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If you’ve used Hipstamatic in the past, the good news is your previous purchases can be restored and loaded into the new updated app. As a free user, your choices are a little bit limited, but that doesn’t mean it’s still not fun! Over the weekend I played around with the simulations for the instant film camera and literally compared it to my shots on a Fujifilm Mini and was loving the similarities. And yes, I was one of those guys who built and bought additions to this app back in the day, so yeah, I was super happy to see my old rigs pop up on my “Camera bag” within the app.

Currently there are a handful of “free” cameras and lenses available including the Instant, Easy Auto, Model 100, and K-Pro X, with more to be added each month as the app continues, however, to get access to every camera and lens option, you will have to be a part of the paid makers club. If that’s worth it or not, well that’s up to you the user! For now we’ll leave it up to you and have you build and play with the app, share some of your results and let us know what you think in the comments below. Have you used Hipstamatic in the past? Think you’ll download it now that it’s been re-released? Be sure to show us what you create if you do.