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24 Apr 2024

Point and Shoot Camera

pɔɪnt ənd ʃut ˈkæmərə
Description: Term: Point and Shoot Camera
Description: Point and shoot cameras, also commonly referred to as compact cameras, are generally smaller, more lightweight, and (typically) more affordable than their DSLR counterparts. Most major brands, including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, and others carry point and shoot cameras in their lineup. Some attributes commonly associated with point and shoot cameras include fixed lenses (meaning they can't be switched out) with either zoom or fixed focal length options, as well as a heavier reliance on auto modes for exposure and focus. These qualities, combined with a lower price point, make point and shoots great starter cameras for beginning photographers.

Sony a6400
While smartphones have no doubt impacted their sales and usage, point and shoot cameras still hold a steady place in camera bags of pros and hobbyists alike, especially when it comes to travel. They’re convenient enough to use to compete with smartphones, and they come packed with high-tech features that keep them a viable option for pros, although more often for personal rather than professional use.