While I was out testing the new Fujifilm 50-140mm F/2.8 yesterday while shooting some wildlife, I noticed an interesting change in the continuous AF mode of my X-T1 since updating to Firmware 3.0 last week.

If you have come to Fuji from the DSLR world, and happened to put your X-T1 into continuous focus mode, chances are you thought your camera was going nuts. The focus would constantly change, to the point that it seemed as if your camera couldn’t achieve a lock. This was different from Continuous AF on a Canon DSLR for example, which would focus and lock and then track fairly seamlessly.

The difference I noticed with my X-T1 yesterday was that rather than going berzerk in continuous mode like I was used to seeing, the AF was much more controlled, to the point that I had to check and make sure I was actually in continuous AF mode.  It was wonderful, and still really accurate.

IMG_9788[REWIND: Initial Thoughts on Fuji’s New 50-140mm]

I went back and checked through the Firmware 3.0 updates and did not notice anything referring to the continuous focus mode, but I did not change any of my AF settings either. So my only thought here is that Fuji quietly ‘fixed’ the continuous AF mode.

Initially, I was thinking maybe it was the 50-140mm lens itself, somehow working better with the Continuous AF, but when I put my 18-55mm kit lens on there it was still performing much better.

DSCF0694Possibly, I am just getting used to the AF on the X-T1 and am using it better, and thus getting better results. But I really don’t feel like I would see this dramatic of a difference without something being updated. I mean really, in continuous mode, my X-T1 hardly ‘hunts’ at all anymore, where as before the update, all it would do is hunt in that mode.

If Fujifilm did quietly ‘fix’ this, THANK YOU! I can actually use my X-T1 in continuous mode with confidence now. I am curious if any of you other X-T1 owners have noticed this?