If you are looking to edit videos, there are innumerable options. Unfortunately, most of the good video editors are complicated, expensive, and require a steep learning curve. Then, if you find an easy video editor that is more user-friendly, it’s often just not very good; buggy, clunky, and oversimplified for what you need.

That’s why we’re always happy to review a video editing program that brings together everything we demand from a high-end app, but in an affordable, user-friendly package. And that is why today we’re reviewing Movavi Video Editor!

Whether you are looking to create content for YouTube or any social media platform, or you are an aspiring filmmaker just looking to start out, you’ll probably want to read this review. Movavi video editor has loads of features that are both user friendly and perfect for creating the types of content that are popular today. Whether you’re going to make short, quick clips in vertical video format, or full length films, read on…

What Is Movavi? | Video Editing Software

Movavi is a brand that offers a whole variety of programs for content creators, and Movavi Video Editor is just what its name claims: A video editor. 

Their whole suite of software is aimed at both beginner and serious content creators who want options that are simple, fast, and effective at achieving the editing and special effects needs for their creative style.

Movavi Video Editor Review | Key Advantages

There are two key advantages here for everyone who is looking for an easy video editor. First and foremost, of course, Movavi video editor is very easy to use! Second, and just as important, is the fact that this software is actually highly capable of delivering professional level results without a professional time and cost of training. Let’s dive deeper into what makes this particular choice such a good one.

Interface & User-Friendliness

By far the most challenging aspect of video editing is, of course, the learning curve. Unfortunately, when you see high-quality videos from just a few years ago, it is likely that only someone with extensive training and advanced experience could have created such content, and it would require highly complicated software, not to mention a very powerful computer.

Today, thankfully, that is no longer the situation! Video editing software has progressed quite a bit, not just in features but also in lowering the steep learning curve. This is one of the main reasons why we recommend a video editing app such as Movavi; it is very user-friendly, so it allows even a beginner to create polished, professional looking content. It doesn’t require intense studying of complex features, but it does offer an excellent balance of functionality and performance, which we’ll get to next.

Features such as the main timeline are elegantly clean, simple, and easy to use. Editing, such as cutting 

Tools & Features

Speaking of functionality and performance, let’s talk about what the 2024 Movavi Video Editor has to offer. At a glance, you can see that the interface is relatively simple, and when you first start the app, you’ll be guided through the basic steps of how to edit a video and create a final product.

In our own experience editing video for over 10 years, the most important tools you need are usually very straightforward: stabilization, color correction, (color grading / filters / overlays) …and transitions. Also, lately, especially for social media content, being able to remove a background and create composite imagery has become super important, too, as well as things like jump cuts etc.

Thankfully, Movavi offers all of these features! More importantly, using the features isn’t an impossible challenge when you first try to learn how. The tools are very easy to understand, yet very powerful and effective.

I think that one key area where Movavi may even pull ahead of the most advanced alternatives used by high-end pros is this: because the software is oriented towards today’s content creators, it makes it even easier to create the type of content that is popular on social media. Furthermore, the types of effects that are available are also well-suited for content creators of all types.

Movavi AI Video Editing Tools

One of the bigger aspects to note is that, Movavi Video Editor uses AI for certain tools:

  • Stabilization
  • Background Removal
  • Audio Noise Removal

These tools are a huge bonus for anyone who is doing modern content creation, because of the popularity of tricks such as adding memes directly into your video content, and doing collab type work. 

The ultimate question, of course, is, do these features really work? Yes, they work surprisingly well, actually! The stabilization tool is a great example, because I have a lot of bad experience in the past with highly advanced video editing software with stabilization tools that were almost impossible to figure out, and worse, they often just didn’t work correctly.

In Movavi Video Editor, using the AI stabilization tool, the interface is elegant; like the other tools it is as simple as right-clicking on the clip and finding the desired Video/Audio Tool. The tool itself is a great balance of user control and overall simplicity. There are two control sliders, and a very clean, user-friendly before/after interface where you can check the results before applying them to your work. Lastly, the results…just work amazingly well! 

Speed & Performance

Besides high-quality results, one of the of the things that value-oriented software used to be unable to offer was sheer speed & performance. However, we all have an equal  interest in saving time, of course! It is important that any application we recommend is powerful, fast, and efficient. Also, we prefer to recommend software that doesn’t require an expensive, high-end computer.

We are therefore happy to report that Movavi Video Editor is both fast and resource-efficient. Additionally, even when you’re done editing, the export process is also fast, and doesn’t “bog down” your computer very much either.

System Compatibility & Video Formats

One of the more technical, nerdy aspects of software reviews that we must cover is, which video file formats are supported, and system compatibility in general. Good news: Movavi Video Editor is available on both Windows and Mac, and barely requires any hard drive space, RAM, or CPU power. The not-so-good news is, it is not (yet) available for mobile devices. (Of course a large enough Windows-based tablets could ues the app, however, Apple is still being stubborn and not allowing MacOS apps on their iPad Pro, even though it’s theoretically possible.)

In terms of file compatibility every audio and video format that you might be capturing these days is compatible with Movavi Video Editor, from AVI, MP4, MOV, MP3, WAV, and many more.

Software Packages/Bundles

Lastly, we should mention that if your workflow is more versatile than just one editing program, Movavi becomes an even better choice than many competitors. They offer a whole suite of apps to perfectly suit almost any modern-day type of content creator. If you are a streamer/gamer who needs a robust, high-quality screen recording app, there is Movavi Screen Recorder. If you also edit photos, or create slideshows, then once again Movavi has an option, including some that are available as mobile apps!


With options for monthly and yearly subscriptions, or a lifetime license, it’s hard to argue against the value offered by Movavi Video Editor. You can try the software out for free, of course, and if you like it, you can buy a subscription either one month at a time for $19.95, or yearly for $79.95, …or you can just buy a lifetime license for $99.95.

Considering that a lot of software these days is subscription-only, we have to give a highly favorable nod to Movavi for offering lifetime access to an app for under $100.

Make no mistake, though; it would still be a strong value even at the month-to-month level, especially if you’re monetizing your content, or simply using it to build a business. Either way, it’s great to have options for different budgets.

Movavi Video Editor Review | Who Should Buy It?

If you’ve never edited video before, but you want to get into it and you are serious about creating high-quality content, Movavi Video Editor is a great place to start. The balance of value, features, and learning curve is one of the best in the industry, whether you have very little experience, or a whole lot.

If you already have some experience, but you just want something less complicated and more straightforward, then Movavi’s offer is also an excellent option, because even though the interface is very user-friendly, the results are still professional quality. In other words, if you just don’t need the endless clutter of tools Premiere, Final Cut, or Da Vinci, then check this out.

Lastly, even if you are a working professional, there are still many times when you’d like to just keep things simple and not have to bust out the heavy-duty tools for simple, quick content. Especially if you’re not making entire cinema-length films, and all you really want is to create quick clips for TikTok/Instagram, or short vlogs for YouTube, …then once again, Movavi Video Editor is the perfect addition to your toolkit.

Final Pros & Cons

We can sum up this review in a very simple manner:


  • Incredibly simple, user-friendly interface
  • Professional-grade tools that actually work
  • Modern features that are perfectly suited for today’s content creators
  • Incredible value, including the elusive, one-time investment (lifetime license)


  • Fewer advanced controls compared to high-end software
  • No mobile (or some tablets, or Apple M1 chip) compatibility

…As you can see, the cons aren’t really a problem for the types of people that we would recommend this video editing software to! The advantages, on the other hand, make it a perfect choice.

Movavi Video Editor Review | Conclusion

You can download a free trial of Movavi Video Editor, or you can purchase either a monthly subscription or a lifetime license. ($99.95) Movavi also offers bundles of their software, starting at $99.95 per year, if you need other things such as Movavi Screen Capture, etc.

All in all, it is pretty clear what Movavi Video Editor has to offer, and who should consider it. It’s designed to appeal to virtually any type of content creator, from beginners to serious video editors. The best thing you can do is, of course, try it out for yourself, for free, and see how you like it! The simplicity of the user experience, combined with the impressive results, will prove to be a great value for almost anyone!