Can we all just agree that today is a better day for lenses? Gone are the days of hunks of plastic with little style or design. Companies like Sigma and Fuji are developing lenses that not only perform amazingly well, but look darn sexy on the front of your camera as well.

Today, I wanted to share my initial thoughts on the new Fujinon 50-140mm F/2.8, and let me tell you. It is one sexy piece of kit…


Fujinon 50-140mm F/2.8 Initial Thoughts

Let’s start off with the styling and look of the lens; Simply put, it is darn sexy and fits in with the current Fuji style/lineup perfectly. If there is one brand of lens that I love the style of more than Sigma’s global Vision lenses, it is the Fuji ¬†Fujinon lenses.

The lens is a sleek black, with a nice and big zoom ring, combined with a ‘just right’ focus ring. It comes out of the box with a nice lens hood and tripod collar, which is more than can be said for some other companies lenses.


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The 50mm-140mm translates to roughly 75-210mm on a full frame rig, making it the new go-to lens for professional Fuji shooters. Simply put, this is the lens that EVERYONE who shoots Fuji has been waiting for. Weddings photographers, wildlife and sports shooters, everyone.

Quick Hits

  • Focuses quickly and accurately on my X-T1
  • Zoom ring is smooth and easy to adjust.
  • Tripod collar perfectly sized. Lens stands flat even with camera on the back.
  • Weather sealing works as advertised
  • Image Stabilization works wonders when shooting hand held in low light.

I going to be shooting a wedding this upcoming Monday, so I am excited to really put this lens through the paces and see how it performs. In my limited testing, so far I have been very impressed, and am pretty sure that this lens is a winner.


If you are interested in picking one of these bad boys up, you can find them over on B&H for $1599. It is not a cheap lens, that is for sure, but if you look at similar offerings from other manufacturers (Olympus and Samsung also released similar lenses in the last month), the price is not ridiculous when you think about what this lens is giving you, that perfect ‘telephoto zoom’. It also needs to be said that 70-200mm lenses from Canon or Nikon, which this lens emulates in terms of field of view, are still¬†way more expensive than this lens.


Anyways, enough about pricing. I am excited to really push this lens over the next several weeks. Stay tuned for my full review coming up soon! Keep looking below for a few sample shots demonstrating the OIS.

1 Second, F/7.1, ISO 200 @ 140mm – OIS On – Handheld
1 Second, F/7.1, ISO 200 @ 140mm – OIS Off – Handheld