Soup photography can be one of the most challenging forms of food photography.  As many food photographers call tell you, capturing the ingredients and texture is difficult because everything seems to sink to the bottom, including garnishes.  The following article will give you a helpful tip for floating garnishes on a thin soup.

This can be infuriating if you do not have much experience styling food, and it can completely ruin a shot if your garnish sinks into the soup.  You can see this tip in action via the video below, but for those of you who prefer to read, the process is actually ver simple.

Steps for Floating Garnish

  • Take glass beads, preferably clear, and place them in the bottom of the bowl.
  • Then you pour the soup over the top just so that it covers the beads.
  • Then place your garnish and you don’t have to worry about it sinking.

How to Float Garnish on a Thin Soup Video

Learn some more great food photography tips via the Pinch of Yum Ebook which we reviewed a while back. Its a great resource if you are looking to up your food photography game.


Food photography is not all about sticking a plate of food down and taking a few shots. Just as a hair or makeup styling is imperative for shooting with Models, Food Styling is imperative for high quality food photography.  Hopefully you can have this in your bag of tricks for next time you encounter this problem.