For the most part, photographers love tack sharp images. We get the best gear, we crank up the sharpen function in camera, we wield that sharpen Photoshop action to almost razor-like proportions…When I first started in photography though, I was finding that the images weren’t as sharp as the ones I’d seen online and some of them were downright blurry and unusable (even if I tried to salvage it by making the image black & white). It is one of the worst things to come home from a shoot and find that all your images are not sharp.

In one of my very first portrait shoots, my go-to lens, the Canon 24-105mm f/4 was acting up and so all I had was my Canon 50mm f/1.4. I did the entire session on that 50mm, went home and was shocked and dismayed to find that 50% of the images were blurry. Turns out, I had forgotten to change the aperture and shot the entire session at f/1.4! Thankfully, the other 50% of the images were pretty good and the client was happy to have them.



So, why are your photos blurry? Every photographer has taken a blurry photo. It happens to all of us, especially in the beginning when we are first trying to figure out our camera. In this video, Tony and Chelsea Northrup give 8 common reasons why your photos are blurry and also gives ways to fix each.

8 Reasons Why Your Photos Are Blurry

1. Camera Shake
2. Motion Blur
3. Shallow Depth of Field
4. Missed Focus
5. Air Quality
6. Subject Too Far Away
7. Light Quality
8. Misaligned Focusing System

If you’ve been a photographer for very long, you’ve probably experienced every single one of these reasons and have learned the fixes the hard way. I know I did. Pass this video along to a new photographer and say ‘You’re welcome.’

Watch ‘Blurry Pictures–What Causes Them and How to Get Sharp Photos!’

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