Lighting is a photographer’s best friend. This crucial element can either make or break a shot. As such, professional photographers and hobbyists alike invest in a reflector to amplify the beauty of the image. Reflectors can either diffuse, bounce or flag both natural and artificial light. They are often a photographer’s best solution when outdoor lighting is dimmed with grey clouds, or if a flashgun hits the subject with excessive direct lighting.

In short: reflectors help to reduce contrast between an image’s shadows and highlights by reflecting soft light onto the darker portions of your photograph (diffusion), bouncing existing ambient/natural light into harsh shadow areas on your subject(bouncing), or blocking some of that same ambient/natural light from hitting certain parts of it in order to create brighter spots elsewhere (flagging).  For more information, see our article on how to use a reflector.

Want to take your photos from good to great? Then you need the best reflectors for photography! Our top picks will help illuminate dark areas, eliminate shadows and produce natural-looking light. What’s more, they are easy-to-use, affordable lightweight and portable!

Phottix EasyHold 5-in1 Reflector

5 in1 ReflectorEven before the pandemic happened, many professional photographers transformed an area of their home into a studio. If you are one of these people and like to do occasional shoots outside or for events, the Phottix EasyHold 5-in-1 reflector is great!

Why You Should Buy It:

  • Collapsible and lightweight
  • Reasonably-priced
  • Comes with four surface covers: white, silver, gold, and black
  • Available in three sizes (diameter): 120 cm. (if you’re working with group photographs), 107 cm., and 80 cm. (for close-up shots).

Why You Should Not Buy It:

  • Flimsy against winds
  • Comparably weaker when compared to other reflectors
  • Handles aren’t optimized for grip

Neewer 5-in-1 Multi-Disc Reflector

Neewer ReflectorThe Neewer 5-in-1 Multi Disc Reflector offers versatility and portability for studio or outdoor photography.

Why You Should Buy It:

  • It has a single translucent panel for light diffusion
  • The form-fitting material case features silver and gold panels that converts to black or white panels
  • Built with single grip for better control
  • 43” in size when unfolded.
  • Comes with a carry bag that folds the reflector into a 15.7” panel

Why You Should Not Buy It:

  • Hard to control against strong winds.

Foldable V Flats by V Flat World


V Flats are light reflectors most commonly used for studio photography.  However, they can be taken on location as well with foldable V Flats like the ones made by V Flat world.  (The 7.0 lb V-Flat folds to a compact 40.0 x 40.0 x 2.0).

The V-Flat is white on one side to reflect, and black on the opposite side to block and/or subtract light.  The hinged design offers a variety of positions.

Lastolite TriFlip 8:1 Kit

TriFlip Kit ReflectorThe Lastolite TriFlip 8:1 Kit is an interesting pick for photographers who are looking for color versatility. It has a myriad of colors and ditches the typical round shape in favor of triangular look, which makes it unique from other reflectors on the market today.


Why You Should Buy It:

  • Seven color options: silver, white, Softsilver, Sunlite, Gold, Sunfire and Black
  • Bare panel is a 2-stop diffuser
  • Comfortable grip
  • Easy-to-handle

Why You Should Not Buy It:

  • Relatively expensive compared to other similar reflectors
  • Color variations are closely similar

Selens 5-in-1 Handle Reflector

Selens ReflectorIf you’re looking for a quick and easy lighting solution, the Selens 5-in-1 Handle Reflector is perfect. This reflector provides five different types of reflective material that allows photographers to modify their light source easily on location so they can achieve desired effects in pictures without having to carry around multiple equipment!

Why You Should Buy It:

  • It’s 43”-sized frame is folded into a 15”-sized panel
  • It has a carry case with a built-in loop so you can attach it to a camera backpack.
  • Two grip handles for better control
  • Total lighting control as panels can bounce, diffuse or subtract light

Why You Should Not Buy It:

  • Not ideal for group shots

Godox Collapsible 5-in-1 Reflector Disc

Collapsible Reflector DiscThe Godox Collapsible 5-in-1 Reflector Disc is your all around reflector companion that boasts a stronger build than other items in this list. This steel framed collapsible panel provides you with essential lighting modifications and offers quick snap functionality for easy setup!

Why You Should Buy It:

  • Strong and durable build
  • Great value for your money
  • Provides basic color variations: silver, gold, black, translucent, white

Why You Should Not Buy It:

  • Simple design and doesn’t offer much for its price point

Fotocreat 5-in-1 Handle Triangle Reflector

Camera ReflectorA photographer who desires compact applications and usually captures solo images should consider purchasing the Fotocreat 5-in-1 Handle Triangle Reflector. This unique, triangular shape allows a subject to hold it for ease of use by both parties involved while shooting photos.


Why You Should Buy It:

  • Optimized grip for single-handed use
  • Compact size at 32”
  • Perfect for headshots or solo-subject images

Why You Shouldn’t Buy It:

  • Triangular shape limits use

Profoto Collapsible Reflector

Collapsible ReflectorThe ProFoto Collapsible Reflector is perfect for those who need a reflector that will take some serious wear and tear. It’s available in both 120 cm or 80 cm versions. Unlike other items on this list though, it only comes in 2-in-1 color variants (black & white; silver & white; light gold & white [translucent diffuser]).

Why You Should Buy It:

  • Weather-resistant and dustproof
  • Comes with an ultra-tough hard case

Why You Shouldn’t Buy It:

  • Additional colors are paid extra
  • Shorter handles and grips

Lastolite HaloCompact

Lastolite HaloCompactThe HaloCompact by Lastolite is an ideal reflector for those who want a lot of portability. It collapses down to one-third its original size, has aluminum poles that you can use to attach the fabric like how you set up tents, and comes in many colors such as silver/white or gold/black.

Why You Should Buy It:

  • Easily fits a backpack camera
  • Compact and lightweight with a durable frame

Why You Shouldn’t Buy It:

  • Can take time to set-up
  • Color options are limited (silver/white, and two-stop diffuser surface)


Before you go ahead and purchase a reflector, there are five crucial aspects that you must consider. It’s color, size, type, material and shape. Understanding what is it that I need a reflector for will help me avoid wasting money on one unsuited to my applications!