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22 May 2024
Facebook Groups for SLR Lounge

Facebook Group for Photography Mastery by SLR Lounge

With the goal of simplifying everything, we recently consolidated our various groups for SLR Lounge and Visual Flow into a single Facebook group. We truly believe this is going to be your most valuable photography community on Facebook.

A New Type of Community

What makes these different from every other group out there? This group is backed by SLR Lounge, and as such, community members can network with world-class photographers and take part in unique opportunities:

  • Weekly Collaborative Articles (Featured on slrlounge.com)
  • Artist Features + Interviews (Featured on slrlounge.com)
  • Weekly Group Cover Photo Challenges
  • Live Critique and Q+A with Pye (Bi-weekly)
  • Monthly Live Community Events

Creating Value

All of our rules & guidelines, which we’ve clearly outlined on our group page, can be summed up with the following phrase: “Be a good human, create value for your peers.” To ensure that our content consistently meets our guidelines, our team of ambassadors moderates all posts. This means you won’t waste your time scrolling through spam/self-promotion. We realize that you are all busy and your time is valuable! We want the time you choose to spend in our group to be engaging and worthwhile.

Join Us!

We hope you’ll join us as we begin this new phase of our photography journey on Facebook. The group is free to join and provides access to quality content and a kind, knowledgeable community. If you choose to engage this community, you’d be hard pressed to not to make new connections and improve as a photographer. You might find you’ve even grown as a compassionate human being.