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03 Aug 2021

Facebook Groups for Photography Mastery by SLR Lounge

We’re excited to share our highly targeted Facebook groups for concept mastery.

A New Type of Community

What makes these different from every other group out there? Each group consist of the following:

  • Weekly Learning Program: Each week, our community leaders will post a topic and lesson from our training, though you don’t need to purchase it in order to participate.
  • Educational Ambassadors: Each group is led by educational ambassadors, established professionals that have earned the SLR Lounge endorsement for their photography, their business success, and their educational capabilities. They are your best place to go with questions, and also the only people approved to post educational content, workshops, and events. 
  • Features:  Within the weekly learning program, and other posts we will ask you for images to be featured. Featured artists and their images will land on either SLR Lounge’s Instagram or within an article in the magazine itself. We want to help build each of your followings and get your work out there.