Move over timelapse, aerial videos are the next big thing. And like all photography gear, it’s an expensive hobby. From the GoPro to the Quadcopter, you’re looking at around $1k or more already. Then comes the issues of mounting a GoPro to the drone. It causes a vibration known as the jello effect causing those who view your footage to get a bit of sea sickness. Many drone owners have then invested another $500+ on a gimbal just to be able to get usable footage.


Two grad students from USC have figured out a way to limit the jello effect from their DJI Phantom. Through 12 months of trial and error, none of which worked, the pair tested out many gimbal alternatives -from a propeller balancer to online anti-vibration systems. They then decided to create their own anti-vibration mount with wires, plastic, hair ties, masking tape and a few other odds and ends they found laying around – a total cost of $10.

They created the following instructional video for the “Human Resources” series presented by Students of the World and Pivot TV and have shared it so you can save hundreds of dollars as well by making it yourself. You can see the before and after footage at the end of the video.

For $10, it’s definitely worth a try.

[via ISO1200/Human Resources: DIY Anti-Vibration Camera Drone Mount from Jenna Cavelle on Vimeo]