Welcome to our new YouTube video series, Minute Photography, where we explain photography tips & tricks, myths, and techniques all within 60 seconds!

In this episode we’ll tackle motion. Motion can add excitement to typically bland dance floor photography. When you are working a lackluster ballroom, why not try and add some interest? Learn how to create in-action dance floor shots that are going to impress your clients!

Step 1: Dial in your camera settings


Flip your camera into manual mode and dial in an appropriate exposure with a slow shutter speed.

Step 2: Flash Settings


Yes, point your flash directly at the subject(as much as that pains you), and dial a proper flash power that doesn’t overpower the scene or cause heavy highlights on your subjects face. We recommend starting out at 1/16th – 1/32nd flash power, using your flash either in manual or TTL.

Step 3: Choose your Method of Twist


Add movement into the image by shaking, twisting, zooming, or panning your camera. In combination with the slow shutter speed, the ambient lights(mostly from the DJ’s up-lighting), will create a blurred effect while momentarily freezing your subject with the flash.



And there we have it; an instant upgrade from the flatly-lit dance floor action shots that were taken with a flash bounced towards the ceiling. Try this trick the next time you are out on the dance floor capturing candid moments and show the guests and your clients the back of your camera so they can see the effect in action!

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