Canon may have an interesting twist for people who purchase their Rebel line of cameras in 2015. According to a new rumor over on Canon Rumors, it is possible that the company may ditch the optical viewfinder in favor of an electronic one.


The interesting thing about this is that this would seem to be an indication that the next Rebel could be a mirrorless one. I mean, why have an EVF if the mirror is still there? That just seems unlikely, but just as unlikely as Canon making a mirrorless Rebel. So, I am not sure how much confidence I put into this rumor.

That said, how interesting would it be to have a mirrorless Rebel that was the same size as a normal Rebel (like the Canon T5i shown above), just without the mirror and OVF. Basically, a mirrorless with a built in Canon EF-S adapter. The Rebel line is already small, so the size/weight difference from a standard looking mirrorless wouldn’t be that noticeable, especially if they based it on something like the Canon SL1.

Honestly, I can see a concept like that working in the consumer market. The consumers not only get the benefits of the familiar size of their DSLR, but also the benefits of shooting mirrorless. I can also see an idea like that getting a lot of flack from established photographers.

It will be interesting to see how that all plays out. I have heard rumblings of another possible EOS-M in 2015 as well, so maybe this is related in some way.


What are your thoughts on a Rebel camera minus the OVF/Mirror, in favor of an EVF and Mirrorless technology? Leave a comment below!

[via Canon Rumors]