The New Canon 5DS

The interweb has been a-buzzing lately with the newly released Canon 5DS and Canon 5DS R. We at SLR Lounge have been granted the privilege of taking this camera out for a test, and have the review that you’re looking for! In this video, I’ll take you through the comparisons between the Canon 5DS versus the 5D Mark III, discuss my experience with it, and answer the biggest question concerning the 5DS, “Is it worth it?”

Canon 5DS vs. Canon 5D Mark III | Gear Review And Comparison

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As in all of our gear reviews, we want to provide you a practical overview on products so that they’re easy to understand and digest. If you’re looking for more technical reviews, there are other websites that do that but we’re here to just give you our thoughts and let you move on with your day! With that said, let us begin.


The Canon 5DS

Right off the bat, the Canon 5DS is an amazing camera because it has a whopping 50 mega-pixel resolution. This means that the Canon 5DS has the highest megapixel resolution in the entire DSLR market. Priced at under $4000, the megapixels in the Canon 5DS are perfect for shooting high detail images.


I took the 5DS out to a GMG Automotive commercial shoot, where I got to shoot a $200,000 modified GMG Porsche WC-GT3. This was an ideal shoot because it was a commercial shoot where I would need a lot of detail.

5DS vs 5D Mark III – Is It Worth It?

In regards to the body, the 5DS and the 5D Mark III are exactly the same. As a matter of fact, if you were to transition from the Mark III to the 5DS, you would have no problems because the menus and the buttons are exactly identical.

With the $1200 difference between the Mark III and the 5DS, is upgrading to the Canon 5DS worth the cost? That depends. If you’re looking for sensor related upgrades, there aren’t enough differences to merit the upgrade. However, if you’re shooting commercial photography like we do, then this is an absolute must.


Having double the megapixels means twice as much detail and resolution, which allows us to crop and enlarge images. However, with the increase in megapixels, this means a decrease in low-light capabilities.

So if you’re a wedding and portrait photographer, and don’t need a lot of detail, then the Canon 5D Mark III is sufficient.

Mind The Lenses

The final thing I want to mention is that if you’re going to upgrade to the Canon 5DS, it’s important to have a great line-up of lenses in your arsenal that’ll be compatible with the 5DS. The reason this is so important is because if the lens that you shoot with is not high grade, then you’ll be losing the detail and resolution that you paid for.

Here’s a list of recommended lenses that are compatible with the Canon 5DS.


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To seem some full size image samples from the 5Ds click here and here.