Where’s Waldo is an iconic figure for my generation. The classic red and white striped sweater-wearing man that likes to play hide-and-seek in children’s books occupied many of my childhood hours. (Yes, my childhood was uneventful. Why do you ask?)

Now, an Ontario-based photographer and designer, Andrew Knapp, is channeling Waldo through his dog in his photo project, ‘Find Momo.’  Momo is a border collie whose favorite game is to hide. One day Andrew threw Momo a stick, and instead of fetching it, Momo hid. As a gift to his nephew and nieces, Andrew began to photograph the hiding Momo and started uploading them online. Momo is now an Instagram sensation, with 270,000+ followers who help “Find Momo” every day.


This is Momo:


He likes to play hide-and-seek. Sometimes he hides really well.


Other times, not so much.

Find-Momo-6Andrew and Momo have traveled all over the country, hiding and taking photos for the Find Momo blog and Instagram. They have recently published a book of ‘Find Momo’ images which can be found here.

The combination of Andrew’s awesome compositions and Momo’s cuteness not only makes this a fun photo project, but also a game where people tune in daily to find that adorable little black and white dog hiding somewhere on your screen.

Don’t ask me how long I spent on the Finding Momo on his website and Instagram account. (It was all for research to write this article).

Can you spot Momo in the following images?

find-momo-15 find-momo-18 find-momo-19

find-momo-17 find-momo-16 Find-Momo-20 Find-Momo-8

There are many more images and hours of entertainment (trust me, I know) over on the Find Momo Facebook, Instagram and website. Check it out.

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[Via Laughing Squid]