In order to save time during post-production, it’s important to optimize your workflow by knowing as many shortcuts and tools as possible. In the previous video, I showed off my favorite new tool in Lightroom CC: The Dehaze Slider. In this second video, I’ll show you my second favorite tool: the auto straightening tool.

Auto Crop Pictures | A Quick New Way To Straighten & Crop Your Pictures

Tip: Pressing “R” Is A Shortcut To The Crop Tool

A new tool in Lightroom CC is the auto crop tool found in the crop & straighten tab. The quickest way to get there is by pressing the keyboard shortcut: “R.”

I took this whimsical picture shown above when I was walking through Venice, Italy. I press R to get to the crop tool, click “auto,” and Lightroom CC automatically straightens the picture.


I hope you guys enjoyed this quick tutorial on the auto crop & straighten tool. Stay tuned for my third and next video, where I show you my third favorite tool in Lightroom CC. If you’re interested in learning more shortcuts and tools, please subscribe to our YouTube channel.