I have a journal that I kept when I started to learn photography. The pages are scribbled with notes and diagrams made while I was trying to grasp the basic functions of my camera. The camera manual could’ve been written in Greek for all I knew. I remember wishing for a condensed easy to understand version to help me like¬†Cliff’s Notes did when I had to read Shakespeare in the 12th grade.

Well, my wish was granted a few years too late, but nevertheless, I found some pretty cool cheat sheets (officially titled, “Infographics”) full of the information I wish I knew all condensed in one place.

The first one (it’s kind of long so keep scrolling…), created by Photography Degree, first appeared on The Phoblographer.

Photography 101: An Essential Photography Infographic for the Beginner


Light Modifiers Cheat Sheet found on DIY Photography.net


Portrait Lighting With Your Home Studio by Digital Camera World


Your Flash Modes and When To Use Them by Digital Camera World


Color Temperature Scale by Digital Photography World


For more, remember that Google is a beginning photographers best friend. Just look for the terms, “Infographic” or “Cheatsheets.” Don’t put in “Cliff’s Notes” though, you might end up with a succinct version of “Macbeth.”